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Be extra careful of investments and savings this year, says this finance whiz turned feng shui expert

When Patrick Lim Fernandez’s sister Princesse passed away in 2019, he decided to take a more active role in the family’s feng shui consulting business of more than two decades. He then realized that his job in finance and feng shui aren’t all that different.
Bam V. Abellon | Jan 19 2020

As a child, Patrick Lim Fernandez recalls having many Sunday mornings seeing feng shui masters going around their home, giving his family a series of instructions and advice. After the consultations, Patrick would see feng shui items propped on different areas of the house.

“Feng Shui has always been in our DNA,” says Patrick, the son of feng shui practitioner Arleen Lim Fernandez, founder of the Feng Shui consultatncy establishment, Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony, Makati.

Twenty years ago, in 1998, Arleen, also known as Autie Baby, founded Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony with her daughter, the late Princesse Lim Fernandez, and feng shui master Paul Lau Tak Lun. Lun, a Hong Kong national met Auntie Baby while he was visiting the Philippines. He then taught her and Princesse the principles of feng shui.

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Although Princesse has been passing on her knowledge to her younger brother Patrick, the latter wanted to try taking a more traditional career path. After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University, with degrees in Management Engineering and Economics (Honors), Patrick took his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of California, Los Angeles. Later, he took advanced analytics courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. After graduation, he worked for multinational corporations, like HSBC, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, before coming back here to work with real estate companies, such as the Ayala Development Corporation. He is also a member of Mensa International, like his sister.

Patrick says his love for numbers and finance and his knowledge on feng shui is the yin and yang of his life. “The yin is the finance aspect,” he tells ANCX. “There’s a lot of calculations, numbers, financial and statistical models. You’re using the left brain. Feng shui is traditionally associated with the right brain. What I’ve learned over the years is that feng shui incorporates both the yin and the yang: There’s a lot of pattern recognition, analysis. At the same time, there’s also the intuition side because you are dealing with people.”

Trained by his late older sister, Patrick says feng shui and his love for numbers satisfy both sides of his brain.

Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, says Patrick. In fact, some people aren’t fully aware that they are already engaged in the study of feng shui. In the United States, for instance, Patrick realized that the people have always tried to find ways to live in harmony with the environment, with nature—which is the core of feng shui—but they don’t call it feng shui. A lot of them, too, remain non-believers.

But living in a mixed household has already made Patrick mindful of people’s different beliefs. It’s living in harmony with these differences that is more important. His father is Filipino-American-Spanish. Although he is not involved in the feng shui practice, Patrick has fond memories of his father being asked by his mother and sister to hit the gong in “disaster locations,” where bad luck may strike. The gong is made of metal, an element which is supposed to dissipate the bad energy. Laughing, Patrick says, “It’s nice having a mixed household. You get the best of both worlds.”

Back when he was still living in the United States, Patrick would usually come home while the family is preparing for their events for the Chinese New Year. He would help out with the calculations, predictions, meet with people, among other things. Slowly, he was becoming an expert himself. While he was working, Princesse would put feng shui items in his office and in his own home. “And thank God I had a very good career,” he says, implying that these items did their job.

In 2019, when Princesse passed away, it was then that Patrick decided to take a more active role in their feng shui consultancy business. He still deals with the family assets, equities, and funds. And he is still an investor. But things have somehow changed. In the past years, when he tells his friends about him banking business, they would simply nod or talk about it for a while. Recently during their 25th college reunion, he told them he was a feng shui practitioner. Now, he’s getting more attention. He smilingly recalls people asking him, “Really? So what’s good for me next year? One, people have heard about it and they want to know more. How can it help me, my life, my career? Second, Filipinos are traditionally superstitious. They think this is it. But as Filipinos get more educated throughout the years, they see that it’s less about superstition, and more about formulas, calculations, planetary movements, etc.”

He also says that it’s not fortune telling. In fortune telling, for instance, when one asks 10 fortune tellers one question, one might get 10 different answers. In feng shui, if one asks 10 good and real feng shui experts one question, one would get just one answer. “If we think about scientific processes, they are also repeatable and empirical. That’s what attracted me to feng shui.”


2020 forecast

The 2020 is the year of the Golden Rat. The first day of the Lunar Year will be on January 25, 2020, Saturday.

Overall, the year calls for a lot of creativity and fresh, new energy because it is the first year of a new cycle. The zodiac cycle begins with the rat and ends with the pig. “Everything is starting again,” says Patrick. “So it will be a chance for a lot of new beginnings for relationships, jobs, businesses, and health. If there are certain things that you want to start doing, now is the time to do it.”

The luckiest signs will the Goat, Rooster, Ox, and Snake. The Horse, which is the counterpart of the Rat, will have a challenging year. The Monkey and Pig will encounter some challenges, as well.

For career, the Goat, Rooster, Ox, and Snake will have great careers this year.

For health, the Horse will have a challenging year when it comes to health. The Monkey must be careful of some potential accidents. The Rats have to face what Patrick calls, “blade stars,” which may cause injuries related to cuts.

For romance, the luckiest signs in this aspect are the Rabbit, Goat, and Pig. People whose days are under these signs will be seen as more attractive by their possible partner. It may also be a good year to develop and cultivate relationships. “If you have a partner, discover yourselves again, do something new,” says Patrick. “If you’re trying to find someone, go out, be present, go to meet ups.” Enhance the northeast sector of your home, which is the romance sector this year. Put items that are related to water. Items related to metal, such as brass monkey, also enhance the romance of that sector.

For wealth and investments, enhance the northwest and west part of your home.

Investments may have to take a step back this year, in general. “If we take a look at the general energy for world for the year, the way the elements are configured, there are no strong foundations,” Patrick warns. “We’re going to have an uneven year.”

In terms of investments, be cautious because “we are in the middle of some bubbles.” However, the Fire and Wood elements will have better luck in terms of career and investments.

Included under the Fire element are the industries related to food, restaurants, technology, energy, power, entertainments, politics, and the military. Under the Wood element are industries related to furniture, forestry, fashion, education and training, design (like architecture or interior design), journalism, etc.

“Always have a plan B for everything,” advises Patrick. “Save. Rats are very good at saving. That’s one thing to do for this year. Invest wisely, but make sure the investments are not so high-risk because, as I’ve said, the market is uneven.”

For those who may have a challenging year, there are some ceremonies that you can do to imbibe good energy. One, give to charities, to give our good karma and good energy. Giving to charities will also help suppress the negative energies. Two, attend happy celebrations. Try to avoid wakes, funerals, hospitals, if possible. If these places and events can’t be avoided, then giving to charities might still counter the bad energies.

The favorable directions are northwest, west, northeast, southwest, and southeast. The unfavorable directions are east, north, south, and center.

But Patrick reminds everyone, “Real luck is what we make of it. If it were a formula, two important variables are the energies of the stars and your effort. They’re equally important. And the good thing is if both are good, then you have unlocked something, like a hack. But if the energies aren’t on your side, but you exert a lot of effort, you will still have good results. The results may not be as strong as you want, but it will still be good.” 


For more information, visit the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony at the Lagoon Area, Lobby Level, New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza St., Makati City, or call, +632 7752 5882