Things got real when Chiz crashed Heart’s OOTD Reel 2
Photo from @iamhearte on Instagram

Being the Escuderos: Gov. Chiz just crashed Heart’s OOTD video and the internet is loving it

A funny thing happened when Mrs. Escudero was putting on her outfit for the day
ANCX Staff | Jan 17 2022

Things just got real in the house of Escudero. This morning, just when Heart Evangelista’s followers thought they were going to be treated to just one of those business-as-usual OOTD preps from the style influencer, they were rewarded with a rather amusing surprise when Chiz Escudero casually entered frame while Heart was clearly filming herself. 

Everything started quite innocently, with Heart in her walk-in closet, showing fans how she was building her wardrobe for the day: a pair of Zara leather pants, a flimsy white top, and a pair of green and purple Nike hi-cut sneakers that she will insert height insoles to in order to make her feel 5”9.  She already picked her bag and was putting on a watch when, without warning, the Sorsogon Governor she lives with enters the scene in workout clothes. Totally not minding the camera, he asks, “Nagawa na ba yung ilaw dito?” 

Heart, in a heartbeat, turns to wife mode and immediately answers: “Oo, kahapon.”

Her facial expression, though, is a mix of slight worry and surprise. Things got more real, however, when the Governor takes note of the number of bags displayed on the shelves: “Ba’t dumami na naman ‘yang bag mo?” 

As if caught red-handed, Heart mumbles something in response, that she just rearranged the display or something—but before she can really make a case, the former Senator resumes talking. “Darling, tigil-tigilan na ‘yan, aalis ka,” he says, mouthing his words to the air, while walking past the camera once more. “Makakabili ka lang pag nagbenta ka.” 

The actress and global style star is only allowed to add to her collection of bags if she “upgrades”—meaning selling old pieces that no longer gives her “that spark”—possibly to limit herself from over-indulging. In the video, Heart sticks her tongue out, like a girl who’s been caught stealing her baby brother’s last slice of cake. The words “He means well” appears on the screen. 

It’s a charming husband-wife moment, more golden than some of the couple’s past interviews. Watching or looking at OOTDs can become a bore after awhile, even if the vids feature celebrities and involve the latest desirable designer duds, so this very real slice of life (at least that’s how it appears in the edited video) inside the Escudero home is one welcome treat.