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How Dave Chappelle spent his holiday with family in Palawan

He barely mentioned his Palawan trip in his Manila shows so we’ll fill you in—thanks to a Chappelle fan who fed us deets on his diet and other activities while in the luxury resort Pangulasian Island.
ANCX | Jan 16 2020

Before his successful two-night gig at the Theater at Solaire, the award-winning comic Dave Chappelle had a brief respite in Pangulasian Island in El Nido, Palawan. A guest in the luxury island resort sent us this paparazzi-style snap of Mr. Chappelle having a chat with a lady guest. 

Chappelle being chatted by a guest at Pangulasian Island Resorts.

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According to the source of this photo, the 46-year old comic was with his Filipina wife Elaine, mother-in-law, and two kids. “He was also with two friends, I believe. Or maybe brothers? Not sure,” says the guest who chatted up the comic while there. Chappelle said he visits New York a lot. The two talked about the comic’s recent appearance at Saturday Night Live, to grace Eddie Murphy’s opening monologue with Chris Rock and Tracie Morgan, completing a quartet of the most accomplished black male comedians in entertainment. 

Here’s a fan YouTube upload of that landmark moment:

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But back to Chappelle in Pangulasian. In the stolen shot, he appears to be without a shirt—but what exactly was his, uhm, OOTB (outfit on the beach): jogging pants and a pair of red high-cut Nike sneakers, says our source.

One of the villas at Pangulasian Resort. Photograph by El Nido Resorts

Our source also reports that the guy smoked a lot while in Pangulasian—well, just like in his two Manila shows. “He was always in the designated smoking spot,” offers the source. “I asked for a photo while he was smoking but he asked if we could take it later since he was in his downtime. Which I totally respect.” 

Last night at the Theater at Solaire, an audience member threw the comedy star a pack of cigarettes—although Chappelle didn’t open the pack. He said his favorites are the ones with a photo of a dead fetus on the package. 

This glorious view makes it tempting for anyone to stay put. Photograph by El Nido Resorts

But while he was on a constant diet of cigarettes on the island, our source says the guy also seemed to love a good salad, which is the only thing he saw the celebrity eat at the resort. The 46-year-old did seem attuned to keeping healthy. While there, our source reports Chappelle also went on a sunrise hike. “But he got exhausted, barely making it to the top. It was a steep climb.” 

Finally, our source says the revered comic and the rest of his party mostly kept to themselves, and they seemed to have a lot of fun when they were out of their villas. Which is really not surprising, we imagine: they got Dave around.