“The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns…they are expendable” 2
Photograph courtesy of Nicko Falcis

“The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns…they are expendable”

In the continuing battle between Kris Aquino and the erstwhile managing director of her digital company, the star took to Facebook Live last night while in Singapore to discuss counter statements, new medical issues, her family’s side, and her plans for 2022.
Bam Abellon | Jan 16 2019

The battle between Kris Aquino and the former managing director of her Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP) Nicko Falcis continues.

On January 14, a supposed audio recording of a conversation between Nicko and Kris made its way online. In the audio file, a voice of a woman—allegedly of Kris—was reported as threatening the life of the other person—allegedly Nicko.

The issue is still linked to the formal complaint Kris filed against the 35-year old CPA in October 2018, for allegedly stealing 1,270,980.31 million pesos worth of personal expenses from her, all of which were supposedly charged using KCAP’s company credit card. KCAP is Kris’s online media company.

On January 15, Aquino seemingly reacted to the viral recording through her Instagram account, @krisaquino. The photo in the post had the words: “Lesson for Today: January 15, 2019.” The post suggested that Kris was admitting to being the woman in the viral audio file. The caption read [written as is], “Alam naman nya binubwisit ko lang ang life nya that Sept 27... Diba nga magmula nung Sunday night in April, di na kami nagusap ni brother, sa irita nya with me? Honest ako, i’ve seen Noy once in 9 months- in kuya josh’s hospital room- they were all so worried parating sya & i was still in St Luke’s & the guy who was responsible for the recording knew that. #awkward My 3 meek & mild, simple, super prayerful sisters will do harm? Wag naman bilugin ang utak ng tao. You & i know that was a bluff provoked by anger & fear because of my awful health diagnosis.”


#dontbeasawsawero #dontmakesawsaw Kalurx kasi yung in much need of a workshop because yung voice acting kulang (at least ako drama queen ang pintas ng trolls and may guessing game na kung kailan papatak ang tears on TV) sorry ha, but last time i saw him face to face when i asked for his resignation which he willingly signed, together with a quit claim & NDA, gusto akong kurutin ni R.A. because i was maldita and said- YOU ARE SO ANNOYING, PLEASE ENROLL IN A WORKSHOP? 2 hours kang trying to cry, until now walang tears! sabay irap & walk out... alam naman nya binubwisit ko lang ang life nya that Sept 27... Diba nga magmula nung Sunday night in April, di na kami nagusap ni brother, sa irita nya with me? Honest ako, i’ve seen Noy once in 9 months- in kuya josh’s hospital room- they were all so worried parating sya & i was still in St Luke’s & the guy who was responsible for the recording knew that. #awkward My 3 meek & mild, simple, super prayerful sisters will do harm? Wag naman bilugin ang utak ng tao. You & i know that was a bluff provoked by anger & fear because of my awful health diagnosis. Hindi naman ako nahihiya umamin, again R.A. and A.G. na present in the Sept 18 confrontation didn’t know where to look because ayaw nilang matawa, kasi nasabi ko: i’m not my brother, i’m not my sisters, because we all know- i’m not mabait... R.A. took meticulous notes from the face to face mtg. A.G. said: Madam, stating the obvious ka naman dun sa: i’m not mabait. R said: Alam mo, inulit mo yung “that bar” with matching hampas ng credit card bill and yung “Coke souvenirs from Atlanta” 8 times nakakaloka ka! i know i should be repentant pero ang hirap talaga kasi nga magna cum laude sya na inside out ng life ko alam. So i know he knew his level of guilt & my inability to make good on my “threat”... Sadly, this has been 1 badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge... i’ll own na kasalanan ko ‘to. Diba kung ang tabihan mo may kuto, sure nang mahahawaan ka? Unforgivable for me? their timing- now that i am so physically weak. oh well, bilog ang mundo.

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On the same day, after Aquino posted her statement, Nicko and his siblings, sister Charlene and brother Jesus, took to Nicko’s Facebook account to lambast Aquino. Nicko wrote, in part, “You've been attacking me on Social Media for the past 4 months with me being quiet, yet when I defend myself and my family and hit back on the same platform you and your lawyers claim I am fighting unfairly. You've been attacking me relentlessly and threatening to kill me, yet when I say something back, you hide behind the veil of sickness.”

According to the post, Charlene stated, in part, “Bluff pala? What about the succeeding messages you sent to me and our friends - warning us you know and will know Nicko’s flight details, opening your war chest, likening your war with my two brothers with your war with the Marcoses?” Jesus expressed, “PALUSOT.”

ANCx also posted on January 13 the second part of a two-part feature, where Nicko provided details about the series of events that led to this controversy.


No fireworks, just sparklers

In the evening of January 15, around 8:30 p.m. Aquino went live on Facebook. She made an announcement on her Instagram about the session a few minutes before it went live. This was her second live session, where she talked about the issue. The first one was on January 5. Kris is currently in Singapore where she is set to undergo further medical tests.

The session started with her usual pleasantries. Aquino sat steadily on a couch, dressed in a red long-sleeved shirt, pajamas and a pair of slides. She took a sip from a cup before she declared to her viewers (as of press time, there are more than 780,000), “I’m alive. Sorry doon sa mga gusto akong ma-dead. I’m alive.” She then continued by putting forward her intention to answer forthrightly “the issues at hand,” and address the “pasabog”—referring of course to Nicko’s recent accusations which she described as, “akala mo fireworks, but it’s like sparklers.”


See you. The lying creature has had his time, IT’S MY TURN. Be warned PARENTAL GUIDANCE. ❤️❤️❤️

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Talking to the camera as if talking to Nicko himself, Kris asked of Nicko not to drag other people in the issue. “Hindi ko kailangan ng kakampi,” she said. “Kung sinu-sinong names ang dinadamay mo.”

In an Instagram post by Nicko, also posted on January 15, he mentioned a few names whom Aquino allegedly threatened because they went against her. The names mentioned were journalists Korina Sanchez, Ricky Lo, and James Deakin; pro-Duterte administration blogger Mocha Uson, and Kris’s ex-husband, professional basketball player James Yap. In another post, Nicko also revealed that Kris boosted the Facebook posts of anti-administration blogs, which Kris did not deny.

Kris is the sister of former Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, who ran under the Liberal Party. In May 2016, Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas II, the standard bearer of the Liberal Party for that year’s Presidential Election lost to current president Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

In the January 15 Facebook live session, Kris spoke of her relationships with some of the people mentioned by Nicko in his Instagram account. She said, “Baptismal ninang ko ang mommy ni Mar Roxas. So kausap ko ang first cousin ni Mar. And we are fine. So do not try that. James Deakin reached out to me. I gave him very solid answers, because unlike you, I don’t shy away. Hindi ako duwag. Kahit mamamatay na, kahit ito ’yong mga results [referring to her medical condition], hinaharap ko lahat ng accusations.”


Sorry po, realized this is far more appropriate... ⚔️

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She also mentioned actress Gretchen Barretto who had previously expressed her support for Nicko. Kris said, “You keep telling me to make pansin Ms. Gretchen Barretto. I refuse. Kasi she’s not involved. She’s another one na gustong sumali. What’s the issue? I’ll name names, ha. I’m very close to [businesswoman] Alice Eduardo. I love her. They have an issue. Nadamay ako. Again kasi may mga tao na mahilig mandamay ng ibang tao.”

But a big bulk of the Facebook session had Kris expressing her sentiments toward her sisters, Ballsy Cruz, Pinky Abellada, and Viel Dee. “The worst thing I felt was, dinamay mo my sisters. This was my fault, and I said sorry to them,” she said, in her trademark rhythm: slow and measured.


The Public Hears Her Message to Her Sisters

A few minutes into the Facebook live session, Kris revealed how her sister Ballsy, whom she calls, “Ate” was “so worried” about her. “She felt, will my sister, makakaahon ba ulit ang kapatid ko?” 

Kris said she replied to her ate: “Ano ba, our worst was 2015.” Kris explained that 2015 was the year when the Mamasapano clash happened in Maguindanao and 44 Special Action Force (SAF 44) members were killed. Former President Noynoy Aquino was marred with controversies for that incident, which happened during his term.

Kris went on to say, “’Yong SAF 44 kasi wala kaming laban doon. We had to keep quiet kasi…and I went through all that. Na-survive namin ’yon. Kasi blameless kami. I’m not saying blameless kami about the lives lost, but I’ve always believed, why blame the siblings? Why blame the children? Just command responsibility and my brother took that on.”

Looking at her phone, Kris decided to read the message she sent Ballsy, which she asked her ate to share with her other sisters.  

She read, “I knew what Nicko’s capable of, when things fell apart in August and I grew distant. Maybe you all felt I retreated because I felt misunderstood. On the contrary, I understood only too well. I wanted all to know through IG that I wasn’t really part of the family because a nobody loses by trying to destroy a big name. I also know what I said in the recording but I knew enough that you could all be blameless if from September 27, there are absolutely no pictures with me.” She also said in the message that she wanted to protect the legacy of her brother.


Bimb surprised me with the pink Love-a-Lot Bear before my procedures... i asked if the store had more? They got me all available ones this afternoon because for me “CARE BEARS” isn’t just a useful pa cute phrase. i hope i’m remembering accurately... i believe 1983 was when i got my 1st Care Bear- i’m sure it was the peach one, googled now to be sure there was an original peach colored Care Bear, yes it was the one with 2 flowers on the tummy, FRIEND BEAR. i think i’d mentioned it before, i didn’t play with dolls as a younger kid. i liked guns (the noisy wooden ones & the ones that would light up like Christmas lights- because this was the peak of the original Charlie’s Angels tv series); i played with my doctor’s kit that came in a wheeled operating room tray; then the easy bake oven; speak & spell (made famous in E.T.); a teacher’s blackboard with student’s desks; and a cash register that printed receipts for my “supermarket” & “restaurant”; and every imaginable type of microphone. It was only in the 🇺🇸 that i finally had a Cabbage Patch Doll, Strawberry Shortcake, the Smurfs, and a Care Bear. Let’s reminisce about stickers & Lisa Frank another time. We all deserve more of what makes us HAPPY regardless of where we are in life. So here’s wishing all of you a generous supply of smiles & good cheer. #lovelovelove

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Looking at the camera, Kris noted that she will edit parts of her text. But in barely a few seconds after she made such a statement, she gave her audience a clue as to what she edited out. “This had to do with 2022,” she told the camera as she started sharing her thoughts on the year of the 17th Philippine presidential elections. “Alam ko naman sila ang pumupondo doon sa trolls, sila ang pumupondo doon sa machinery now backing Nicko. Di nila nage-get. I’m not healthy enough for 2022. But let’s be honest, sa ginawa n’yo sa akin, magpapalakas ako. Handa kayo. Pero di ba, gano’n ’yon? Turo ng dad ko, ‘Don’t tell them your plans. Just do it.’ Bago pa nauso si Nike [‘Just do it’ is Nike’s famous tagline], nasabi na ng dad ko ’yan. So handa kayo. Papalakas talaga ako.”

Kris then continues to read the message on her phone: “The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns…they are expendable, being used by bigger political powers.” Kris proceeded to ask for apologies for “the stress and anxiety this has caused and will continue to cause you.”

She ended her message by asking for a favor from her ate. It was about her son, Bimby, who was with Aquino in the room—but not in the frame—during the Facebook session“The spirit has the will to be willing to march into hell. It’s just the body isn’t as strong. Ate, this 11-year-old (Katabi ko po si Bimb no’ng tinetext ko ’yon.), who loves me so much (all caps), please make him see that it’s still a good world. He’s seen and felt too much pain and betrayal for one with such a good and selfless heart. Come what may, please keep his heart this good.”

Kris then disclosed Pinky’s message to her: “Ate shared your letter to her with us. I’m so thankful there’s a lot of positivity now. And I think I told you, at this stage in my life, ayoko na ng kaaway. I also felt I could not get through to you, so I just told ate, she can vent on me anytime pag di na niya kaya. Doon na lang siguro ako makakatulong…I will continue to pray peace in your heart will continue to reign so that Josh and Bimb will truly feel safe and secure. I love you and only want you to have the lightest of feeling, and that feeling of being so blessed without weighing any trials life brings.”


The Latest Medical Issues

After reading her reply to her sisters, Kris looked intently at the camera and reiterated a statement she made at the start of the session, “Sana nakita n’yo we’re a family. We have a famous last name, we have famous parents [former Senator Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. and former Philippine President Corazon Aquino], but at the end of the day, we’re a family.”

Then, she apologized to one of her lawyers, Sigfrid Fortun, for what she was about to do—something she already did during the first live session: “Kasi sabi niya [Atty. Fortun], ‘Don’t reveal those results.’ But I feel you need to know. Sabi niya, ‘Don’t make it easier for them to kill you.’ But I’m fatalistic, nakuha ko ’yon sa mom ko.”

Forcibly, she took the envelope laying on the table beside the couch where she was sitting. She then exclaimed, “Buwisit na buwisit kasi ako, e. Sorry, ha. Napo-provoke talaga ako pag ’yong credibility ko tinatanong.” She opened the envelope and revealed the contents, one of them she raised in front of the camera. “You can screen-grab it. Whatever.”

She said she learned that “Hypertension is not primary, it’s secondary. It’s a reaction to when the urticaria is so bad, it’s a reaction when migraine is so bad.” She also revealed that she is severely allergic to a number of medicines including, aspirin, morphine, non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, and paracetamol.

Kris then revealed to her audience—albeit unenthusiastically—that she was about to read a statement made by her lawyers, which, she said, they asked her to do.

“It was four months when we first demanded for an accounting of the 40 million. Until now, none has been made,” the statement began. She then expounded the issue in her own words, “’Yon lang naman ang hiningi ng lawyers ko, e: bigay sa akin ’yong transfer para mailagay sa pangalan no’ng mga bata [her sons Josh and Bimby]]. Gano’n ka-selfish. Pera ko ’yon, perang pinaghirapan, tax paid, ayaw ibigay.” The statement also emphasized the issue raised in her last Facebook live session: Why now?

“He waited, as I said, 110 days,” Kris announced. “Kung grave threat talaga ’yon, the very next day, sana kinasuhan mo na ako. Sasabihin n’yo he was in another country, lawyers said all he had to do was file an affidavit. He did not. How credible is that? It is obviously a mere afterthought, after several motions filed by lawyers to delay his criminal cases. They were denied by the prosecutor’s office.”

Kris also answered a question asked by many netizens: “You [the audience] were asking me bakit hindi ’yon [40 million] sinampa sa kaso. Because kung alam n’yo ang legalities, hindi n’yo ilalagay sa kaso because you want to recover that money.”

Speaking to the camera, this time with teeth clenched, Kris said, “Sinasabi niyo, ‘Why am I blaming it [the disease] on him?...Because six months prior to that, I was okay. Do the research. Autoimmune can stay dormant. But any stressful situation lalabas ’yan. Kahit sinong doctor, sasabihin ’yan. Nagbigay siya ng 400,000-peso-check, acknowledging that he did abuse company funds. Whether that is 4,000 pesos, that is 14,000 pesos, or 40,000 pesos, nagnakaw ka. Give me a break. This shows that Nicko acknowledged that he had an obligation to pay. It’s an admission against his interest.”

As the session was nearing its end, Kris recalled her past managers, and revealed their good relationship, at least where money was concerned. “I had 18 years with Deo Endrinal [now Dreamscape Entertainment business unit head]. I have 14 years with Boy Abunda [TV host and talent manager]. We never had an issue with money. I had 20 years with ABS-CBN. We never had an issue with money. This man was in my life for one year. This happened to me. Kung galit ako, karapatan ko ’yon. Kasi buhay ko ang kinuha niya.”

She ended by saying that she’s “learning to take responsibility for her mistakes and her actions.” Then she thanked all those who supported her and gave her gifts while she was in Singapore.

But before she delivered more thank yous, Kris weaved her way through a blind item, as a way to express her gratitude. She called them “real friends” whom she couldn’t name “kasi baka ’yong galit sa amin, makabawas pa sa boto nila. But nakulong ’yong kamag-anak nila during Noy’s term, and yet…” She trails off, her voice breaking. “Sorry ha, dito ako emotional. They made an effort to really reach out to me. It meant a lot…Hindi naman mahirap i-figure-out kung sino ’yong nakulong sa term ni Noy, e. There are real friends.”

Toward the end, Kris made a statement—or is it a challenge? A warning? “Whatever the future holds—kasi hindi naman natin alam, e, di ba? But I think you can see, Kris is back. And she’s a better Kris, because now she knows who to trust, who to get rid of. Not rid ha na pa-execute. Klaruhin lang natin. E baka kung ano nanaman ma-accuse sa akin, e.” She chuckles.

Kris is slated to arrive in the Philippines in the evening of January 16.