Dagupan City reported 57 cases today. Photo from the official website of the City of Dagupan

DOH reports 1,912 new Covid cases, raising the country’s 7-day average to 1,750 cases per day

Meanwhile, the newcomer in the Top 5 list is Dagupan.  
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Jan 14 2021

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With 1,912 new cases and 40 new deaths reported by the DoH today, our 7-day average is now at 1,750 cases/day. And with the entry of the B. variant of SARS-CoV-2, the Rt will trend a bit higher considering the transmissibility of this new variant—if it is not contained immediately.

Three cities are among the top five haulers with Davao City taking back the lead with 136 cases and Quezon City coming in second with 107 new cases. The newcomer to the top five is Dagupan City with 57 new cases.

The Philippines (January 13, 2021)

  • Of the 1,453 cases yesterday, 339 or 23.3 percent were from the National Capital Region.
  • The six regions that reported triple digits totaled 846 cases and contributed to 58.2 percent of the pie.
  • Among the top ten provinces, it was Cebu that sprung back to gain top spot with 78 cases.
  • Ten of 17 cities in Mega Manila were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most coronavirus cases. Quezon City was the top contributor on a city/municipality level.

The World (January 13, 2021)

  • There were 751,664 new cases in the world yesterday with 16,354 new deaths reported. The world now has close to 93 million cases of coronavirus. At the current trend, the number of deaths will most likely breach the two million mark on or before this weekend.
  • While the US had fewer cases and deaths reported, the country continues to lead in total case count and deaths globally. The US also reported more than 4,000 new deaths yesterday.
  • Five countries report quadruple digits for new deaths yesterday. They are: USA, UK, Mexico, Brazil and Germany.