The province of Benguet reported 84 cases today. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Cordillera Administrative Region via ABS-CBN News

Quezon City reports 121 new Covid cases, followed by Benguet with 84

Today’s overall number of cases is quite large considering the testing capacity is below the daily target 
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Jan 10 2021

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The DoH reports a total of 1,906 new cases today. Quite a large number considering the testing capacity is below the 30,000 daily target of the government.

Two cities and three provinces are among the top five contributors, with Quezon City taking back the lead with 121 new cases. The province of Benguet is second with 84 cases. The reproduction number is up at 0.96 from a previous of 0.88 and will most likely go over 1.0 in the coming week.

The Philippines (January 09, 2021)

  • Yesterday’s 1,952 cases was the highest since December 18 when the country reported more than 2,000 cases.
  • For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, triple digits were reported each by these seven regions– NCR, CALABARZON, Davao Region, Central Luzon, Eastern Visayas, Ilocos Region, and Cordillera Administrative Region. These seven alone accounted for more than 77 percent of the total cases in the Philippines yesterday.
  • Ten of 17 cities in Mega Manila were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most coronavirus cases.
  • New entrants into the top twenty cities/municipalities were: Manaoag in Pangasinan and Bontoc in the Mountain Province.

The World (January 09, 2021)

  • In spite of the weekend, where the reports of cases and deaths are usually lower, there were still 725,913 new cases and 12,385 new deaths posted, pushing the world total to more than 90 million cases and over 1.93 million deaths. The global case fatality rate is 2.15 percent.
  • While the US had fewer cases and deaths reported yesterday, it still led in the total count for cases and deaths globally.
  • Brazil, now on its second wave, has passed the 8 million mark with 8,075,998 total cases.
  • Four countries reported quadruple digits for new deaths – the US, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

 The week in review

January 03-09, 2021

  • We had more cases but slightly less deaths this week than last week and the number of cases for the week is expected to go up as the Christmas holidays come to an end.
  • Note also the increase above the 5 percent threshold of the daily positivity rate as the number of individuals tested (testing capacity) suddenly dropped over the holidays.
  • The Rt for the Philippines as of January 5, 2021 is up at 0.96 from a low of 0.88. With the current numbers, it is projected to go up once again.
  • While we move down the global ranking from 29th to 30th, this is not due to the improving conditions in the country but the worsening situation globally.
  • Globally the following countries continued to see a steep climb in their number of cases. An overview shows the very steep upward trajectory of the UK and the US and a rise in cases in countries like Germany, Canada and Japan. India, however, is seeing fewer cases in the past weeks.
  • In select Asian countries, Indonesia and Japan shows a steep incline. As noted in the graph below, the dark red hue for the line is indicative of high daily positivity rate exceeding 20 percent. This means that more than 2 out of every 10 people getting tested are positive for the coronavirus.