Adarna with her son Elias. Image from @maria.elena.adarna

In new interview, Ellen Adarna says of John Lloyd Cruz: ‘I see how happy my son is when he’s around’

“You know, we weren’t compatible, obviously, that’s why we broke up,” the Cebuana actress also tells the fashion website 
ANCX Staff | Jan 09 2021

In Ellen Adarna’s latest interview with fashion website Preview, where she appears in an angel-themed series of photographs taken by her friend Mark Nicdao, the actress and mother-of-one speaks rather lengthily for the first time about her relationship with the actor John Lloyd Cruz, their current set-up being parents of a now two-year old boy, and why they broke up. 

“You know, we weren’t compatible, obviously, that’s why we broke up. Of course, any normal break up hurts. You want things to work,” Ellen says in the feature. 


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The Cebuana beauty, who is returning to the limelight via a TV5 sitcom called “John and Ellen,” (the John here is John Estrada) first spoke of the dark period she went through following the birth of her son, puzzled by the fact that she wanted so much to be a mom and yet was feeling terrible sadness. This was around the time she had just lost her father, and was also in a relationship that didn’t seem to be going in the most ideal direction. 

Ellen went through counseling and therapy, but what really helped get her out of the “downward spiral” was a healing program she signed up for in Bali, Indonesia. The Kokoro program, to hear the actress say it, helped her get to the root of what was troubling her via an introduction to Zen philosophy. The program taught her that what she was experiencing was an imbalance, and that she needed to get her mind, body and soul working in harmony. 

And now Ellen Adarna, as the magazine story says, is in a good place. Perhaps it’s why she can now talk very candidly about her breakup with John Lloyd Cruz.

She said she had so many unresolved issues in the past that she was “projecting it on him.” Regular meditation has helped her a lot, the actress says in the Preview story. “Now I’m in a very good place. I can say I’m 100% okay. I feel my environment changed. Like his approach to me, my relationship [with him has] changed without asking him to change. So I was just really the problem. [laughs]. How I viewed it, my thinking pattern was the problem.”

According to the interview, Ellen continues to share parenting duties with John Lloyd who she describes as a good father. “My son needs him as much as he needs me. I see their relationship and I see how happy my son is when he is around. So that’s why I also have to work on myself.” 

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