Ryan's World currently hasĀ 27.8 million subscribers.

A Filipino teacher's open letter to the most influential child on YouTube

“I can't help but think of poor families who would have access to your videos, but would not have enough money to buy the toys that you feature. And I feel for them,” says educator Adie Isidro.  
ANCX Staff | Jan 07 2021

For five years now, Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan’s Toy Review) has been one of the most accessible sources of edutainment for its continuously growing number of young subscribers. Right now, these subscribers amount to some 27.8 million.

As the online world’s most influential eight-year-old kid and the highest earning YouTube streamer in 2018 ($22 million) and 2019 ($24 million), Ryan Kaji reviews all sorts of toys one can imagine. 

His videos, which have amassed over 44 billion views in total since 2015, have also expanded and diversified. They now feature fun science experiments and exploring other areas of learning—with the guidance of his parents, Shion and Loann Kaji, of course. 

Ryan Kaji with his parents, Shion and Loann 

With the massive success the Kaji account has attained, one concerned Filipino educator, an aunt to a six-year-old niece, has two simple requests to Ryan and his folks. In an open letter recently posted on her Facebook wall, Adie Isidro raised two concerns the family might have missed showing in their videos and could include in some future content—teaching kids about proper waste disposal and caring for people outside their family circle.

“Like Loann, I am a teacher and it really bothers me to think where all the plastic wrappers that you would dispose of, after opening up the toys and gifts, go,” Adie wrote. “…I guess, it would really mean a lot, if you also help the parents of your viewers by teaching [the kids] how to dispose of their trash properly and not waste too much.” 

She also suggests the promotion of reusing and recycling the plastic containers of the merchandise featured in the videos.

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At this time when many families around the world are suffering from extreme poverty, Isidro says parents would appreciate it if the Kajis would feature lessons about caring for others. “It doesn't really help if all the kids who are watching your videos would just be led to think they must have all the toys that they see Ryan is playing with,” Adie wrote. “I can't help but think of poor families who would have access to your videos, but would not have enough money to buy the toys that you feature. And I feel for them.”

The educator says it would be great if Ryan could use his massive influence among kids to promote care for others and care for the earth. She says her niece has been a fan of the videos for four years and enjoys them very much, watching them “in most of her waking hours” not unlike many kid fans around the world. “She sometimes thinks that Ryan is her best friend, and her older cousins would sometimes pretend to be Ryan in Zoom calls,” adds Isidro. 

The letter was sent to Ryan’s World four days ago, posted on Isidro’s Facebook wall, and posted also on other Ryan’s World-associated pages but the sender has yet to get a response.