The UK recorded over 830 deaths on January 5. Photo of the Big Ben in London by Jamie Street on Unsplash

With 60,000 new cases overnight, the UK hits its worst day yet, reports 830 new deaths

The DoH posts 1,047 new cases and 26 deaths following the long holidays
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Jan 06 2021

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With the holidays finally over, and the testing centers operational, the DOH should be able to provide data more representative of our daily Covid figures. 

Today it reports 1,047 new cases and 26 new deaths. Three cities are among the top contributors to today’s haul – Davao City, Quezon City and Cagayan de Oro City. Completing the Top 5 are the provinces of Laguna and Bulacan.

The testing capacity is up, with 23,606 individuals tested and 1,456 positive among those tested. The daily positive rate is up at 6.2 percent which means we probably will have more than 1,500 new cases reported tomorrow.

Will the rising trend continue post-holidays? We will know in the coming week.

The Philippines (January 05, 2021)

  • Of 937 new cases yesterday, 17.5 percent of the total was from the National Capital Region.
  • Four regions reported triple digits – NCR, Davao Region, Central Luzon and CALABARZON. These regions that had triple digit cases accounted for 53.4 percent of yesterday’s haul.
  • The relatively low number of cases was due to lower testing, as noted in the daily positive rate which was above 5 percent for the past two weeks.
  • Six of 17 cities in Mega Manila were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most coronavirus cases for January 05.

The World (January 05, 2021)

  • After the holidays, the world is back to higher numbers with 743,808 new cases and 15,254 new deaths reported overnight. The global case fatality rate stays at 2.16 percent.
  • The United States continues to top the number of cases and deaths in the world.
  • As the United Kingdom struggles with the pandemic, it hits a new record high number of cases with more than 60,000 reported overnight, its worst day yet. It also announced 830 new deaths. The case fatality rate in the UK —at 2.75 percent —is far worse than many countries. This is also higher than the current global average fatality rate.