Davao City reported 65 cases today. Photo of the Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity in Davao City by Dranrebedrali on Wikimedia Commons

The PH reports 891 new cases but low number may be due to fewer tests over the holidays

Davao City contributed today’s highest number of cases  
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Jan 03 2021

All local data are information downloaded from the Data Drop of the Philippine Department of Health. The author does not own any of the information except the analysis of all data. Global data are referenced properly from Worldometers.info, Ourworldindata.org (European CDC), World Health Organization (who.int), and the New York Times. Where appropriate, additional information may be culled from other references or health agencies, with referencing indicated.


Today, the DoH reports 891 new cases and 4 deaths. Davao City leads the haul with 65 new cases.

Two cities from the NCR are back in the top five – the City of Manila and Quezon City.

Meanwhile, of the 11,705 individuals tested, 675 or 5.8 percent tests positive.

The Philippines, yesterday (January 02, 2021)

  • With 1,097 total new cases in the country, CALABARZON took the lead with 206 (18.8 percent) cases.
  • The top 5 regions – Region IVA, NCR, Davao Region, Central Luzon and Eastern Visayas – accounted for 65 percent of yesterday’s numbers.
  • The low numbers from Mega Manila is attributable to the low testing over the New Year weekend. This accounts for the higher daily positive rates in the National Capital Region as the NCR is the major contributor for the total daily cases in the country.
  • Two provinces in Davao Region were the top two provinces yesterday – Davao del Norte and Davao del Sur.
  • Four of 17 cities in the NCR were among the top 20 cities/municipalities. They were: Quezon City, City of Manila, Valenzuela and Pasig City.

The week that was…and other numbers that matter

  • The holiday season is responsible for the lower numbers noted. The lower Rt shows the correlation in the lower numbers. With this, the Philippines remains on 29th spot in the global ranking for total cases of COVID-19.
  • Note the upward bump in the cases and deaths for COVID19 in the country before the Christmas and New Year holidays, and its eventual decline after.
  • The cases and deaths data were related to the testing capacity of the country. Note in the graphs below the large decline in testing capacity and of course, the concomitant increase in daily positive rates as the number of tests had gone down. In short, we’re not seeing the real picture of the pandemic the past holiday weekends because not enough people were getting tested.

The World (January 02, 2021)

  • With 615,000 new cases and over 8,300 deaths yesterday, the world is a few thousand cases shy of 85,000,000 total. The case fatality rate is at 2.17 percent with over 1.84 million deaths to date.
  • The United States continues to top the number of cases and deaths in the world. The number of new cases in the State of California averages more than 50,000 daily with one death from COVID19 every 10 minutes in the state.