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The last broadcast of NU107 was 10 years ago, and this video reminds us of its last few minutes

Wish you were there.
ANCX Staff | Nov 09 2020

It was like a rock concert, except it was really more like a listening party. A huge, emotional, big deal listening party. When NU107, “the home of nu rock,” made its last broadcast on November 9, 2010, its hordes of fans gathered around the radio station in Emerald Avenue corner Ortigas to pay their last respects to an icon, a friend who’s been a loyal companion for 23 years. 

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As devotees savored the last few minutes of their favorite station under the stars, inside, station manager Cris ‘Cruise’ Hermosisima, said his usual sign-off spiel to listeners, except he knew he was saying goodbye from that booth for the absolute last time. “It's a minute before 12. NU107 is DWNU FM at 107 dot 5 megahertz in Pasig, once the loudest and proudest member of the KBP,” he started saying, surrounded by deejays, groupies, and station personnel. When he got to the last parts and the first chords of “Huling El Bimbo” filled the air, it was hard not to be moved. 

Just watch this video: 

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