Rico Blanco's new single "This Too Shall Pass" is a pointed, sincere tribute to the heroes fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo from Sony

The comments section under Rico Blanco’s tribute song to frontliners will surprise you

“This Too Shall Pass” paints a portrait of what “bayanihan” means in these crazy times, and its first responders have expressed their appreciation. By JAM PASCUAL
ANCX | May 23 2020

“This too shall pass” is a reliable adage, because it’s never wrong. Everything is temporary, and that goes for good things and bad things, even if that bad thing happens to be a national crisis that seems to be dragging out longer than it reasonably has to.

“This Too Shall Pass” is also Rico Blanco’s first solo single in four years. It is, pointedly and earnestly, Blanco’s tribute to the heroes fighting against the pandemic. That goes not just for medical frontliners directly fighting the disease and essential workers keeping families fed, but, well, everybody.

"This Too Shall Pass" is the songwriter's first solo single in four years. Rico Blanco is waiving all artist royalties for the song, and Sony Philippines will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds for the next few months. Photo by Sony

Maybe the last you saw him was in the music video for “Pagbabalik,” which was a collaborative smash with IV of Spades. His last album was “Dating Gawi,” which was released 2015, and you might have even seen him on the big screen, with 2016’s Camp Sawi. “This Too Shall Pass” sees the platinum songwriter returning to form in a way, with a verse and chorus that start soft and triumphantly build up, and lyricism that is optimistic without being grating. “I don’t know how / I don’t know when / But I know love will find a way again” is a solid piece of reassurance.

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As for the video, the best thing about it isn’t the music video itself, which shows us empty cities and streets from different parts of the world, and light pouring through partially closed shutters on a quarantined Blanco. The best thing about the music video are the comments. So rarely is a YouTube comment section ever a testament to human kindness and compassion, but you’ll find in the comments below “This Too Shall Pass” scores of people thanking frontliners and eking out what hope they have about a situation that can oftentimes seem hopeless. Music, man.

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Blanco is waiving all artist royalties for “This Too Shall Pass.” For the first six months of release, Sony Music Philippines is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to puhon.ph, a project collecting inspiring messages for and from people fighting the pandemic. “Puhon” means “hopefully” in Visayan. The site has raised P4.6M to provide essentials such as personal protective equipment for medical frontliners, and testing kits and relief goods for daily wage workers.


You can watch the music video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’ here.

You can check out puhon.ph here.