Armi Millare's new single "Two World's" collaborating again with Norwegian band D'Sound. Photo courtesy of daWorks Records

Armi Millare's solo career makes an enchanting entrance

In a new track called ‘Two Worlds’ the vocalist of UDD is expressing herself with greater artistic control. By JAM PASCUAL
ANCX | May 12 2020

You've most likely already heard Armi Millare foraying into solo work. Her heart-rending track on yearning, "Kapit," from the hit film "Alone/Together," topped Spotify charts in 2019. However, consider her new single "Two World's" the official introduction to Millare's embarkation as a solo artist.

Glossy synths and rain-like percussion pervade "Two World's," as Millare's vocals glide through the production with lyrics about wandering and coming home, in her signature crystallin timbre. Millare's voice has always been genre-flexible, as demonstrated by her work with UDD, the way she has seamlessly shapeshifted through the pop spectrum, into R&B, and even jazz. Here on "Two Worlds," Millare's vocals and the general production recall the stylings of Phantogram, or even Philippine electronic act Drip. The single was released earlier this May.

We've seen her do solo work before, but not quite like this. "Two World's" spells a new chapter for songwriter Armi Millare.

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"Two Worlds" was co-written and co-produced with the drummer of Norwegian band D'Sound, Kim Ofstad and D'Sound producer Magnus "Magnify" Martineen. Millare has collaborated with the two before, notably on the tracks "Lykellig" in 2018 and "Somewhere in Between" in 2019.

The visuals for the new single are guided by Armi Millare's artistic vision.

Millare wrote the song on her last trip to Oslo in November of last year, invoking the poignant memory of a world in which most movements were free and unpoliced. Befittingly, "Two World's" can also represent how the acclaimed songwriter resists artistic stagnation. "'Two Worlds' urged me further into investigating what else I could musically do, as a collaborator, as a producer and putting my creative vision in other visuals, down to the visuals," she states. 

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The music video, whose trippy visuals jive with the track’s themes of emotional resonance, is out on YouTube. It is a cause for excitement, that we'll get to see Millare dive into her solo career with greater artistic control and a renewed sense of vigor.