Julia Roberts in Homecoming, Florence Pugh in Little Drummer Girl, and Donald Glover in Atlanta. Photographs from IMDB
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Quark Henares’s list of the top TV shows of 2018 (or what you can binge on for the rest of the holidays)

Every year at around this time, his fans and friends, many of them movie buffs, await Quark Henares’s list of the best things he was able to watch the past 12 months. This December, the filmmaker and Head of Globe Studios, shares his choices with ANCX—for the betterment of life on earth. 
Quark Henares | Dec 27 2018

I Spent. So. Much. Time. Watching. TV. In. 2018.

But then the volume of great shows was really astounding—so much so that if you asked me next week, one of the Honorable Mentions could easily swap their way into this list. That's the positive side effect of a year devoid of list regulars like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, I guess. In this list, I included where you could find the shows as well, so you can take full advantage of your holiday break.


10. Homecoming (Amazon)

Could tie with Succession for best ensemble. Julia Roberts, Bobby Canavale, Stephan James, Sissy Spacek and Shea Wigham are so riveting you almost forget most of the show is comprised of long conversations, with no small debt to Mr. Robot director Sam Esmail's impeccable style. 

9. Killing Eve (BBC)

Spy thriller. Black comedy. Action movie. Conspiracy film. Lesbian coming-of-age. Pretty much every sub-genre I love can be used to describe Killing Eve, and the sum ends up greater than its parts. Also, both Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are the most adorable actresses on TV right now. 

8. Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

Would be one of the most gripping and thrilling dramas of the year—except it's a documentary. Osho and his Senyasa Yogis pull off such insane shit that half the time you'll find yourselves thinking "Oh my God did they really do that?!"

7. Silicon Valley (HBO)

Is actually better than the last two seasons! And I thought things would go downhill after fan favorite TJ Miller left. 

6. Better Call Saul (Netflix)

At this point I don't even need plot from BCS. The characters are just so fun to hang out with and the writing is so great that I'd watch this show for five more seasons. 

5. Legion (Fox +)

Visually stunning, endlessly fucked up. This is the closest TV will ever get to my favorite writer Grant Morrison (yes, even though by next year Morrison will have three shows based on his work). 

4. Little Drummer Girl (AMC)

I've always loved old school spy dramas, and LDG is as good as it gets. If you want a six hour directing class here's something from a true master.

3. Maniac (Netflix)

Starts off really slow, but had me bawling by the time I got to the final episode. A rare ode to friendship, this show posits that the cure to depression may really be as simple as someone being there for you. 

2. Atlanta (Fox +)

Truly transcendent television, and without a doubt the most important series on TV today. Every episode breaks new ground for the medium, and Donald Glover and company are a joy to hang out with. 


1. Succession (HBO)

I can't believe that this grand Shakespearean drama ended up giving me the most laughs this year. Succession took me completely by surprise, and by the end of the season I was cheering out loud for people I initially loved to hate.

Honorable Mention: Barry, The Handmaid's Tale, Ugly Delicious, The Haunting of Hill House and, yes, I am still holding a candle for Westworld.
Best Episode: “Teddy Perkins,” Atlanta
Best Actor: Jeremy Strong, Succession
Best Actress: (TIE!) Julia Roberts, Homecoming and Emma Stone, Maniac
Best Supporting Actor: Bryan Tyree Henry, Atlanta
Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Snook, Succession
Best Director: Park Chan-Wook, Little Drummer Girl
Best Writing: Succession


Photographs from IMDG