The kings of 1984: (standing) Raymond Lauchengco, William Martinez, JC Bonnin, (seated) Herbert Bautista and Aga Muhlach. Art by JR Agra
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Are you a true-blue 'Bagets' fan? Take this ultimate 'Bagets' quiz to prove it

You wanna take a dip?
ABS-CBN News | Oct 06 2020

When was the last time you saw this 1984 classic? No matter how long ago that was, we bet you have moments you go back to in your head once in a while. Maybe you were triggered by "So It's You" suddenly playing in the cab radio, or seeing Eula Valdes and Aga Muhlach say "Lakas maka-Bagets" in their new TVC. But how much of your favorite film do you still remember? Take this quiz and find out if its time to reunite with Tonton (William Martinez), Gilbert (Herbert Bautista), Arnel (Raymond Lauchengco), Adi (Aga Muhlach) and Topee (JC Bonnin) with a little refresher screening this weekend.  

1 What was the chart-topping song playing in the Aga Muhlach-Baby Delgado swimming pool scene?
2 Celia Rodriguez, Adi’s mom, and Baby Delgado play old friends in the movie—why?
3 Celia talking to her second husband at the brekafast table: “Hindi kaya I’m to blame for what’s happening to Adi? Kasi I read yesterday. In a book by Sylvia Mackinson, Parenting in the 21st Century, Macro Hill Company. Quote: Children of broken marriages will fully misbehave as a way of showing their resentment and rebellion towards their parents.” What is Celia's profession in the film?
What was the name of Adi’s real dad?
5 And what, according to Celia, was he busy with?
6 How many years have Tonton spent as a high school senior?
7 What was Gilbert holding when they got off the car in front of Raymond’s Baguio mansion?
8 In which scene do we first hear the hit dance tune "Just Got Lucky"?
9 What cartoon character was on Adi’s cut-off tee in the beach excursion sequence?
10 What did Tonton find out about Gilbert when he went underwater?
11 Sino tumuli kay Gilbert?
12 Evelyn Vargas (clinic assistant): “Wala na daw pong chicken sandwich, doktora, hotdog na lang. Ano pong gusto niyo, regular o jumbo?” What was the doctor's reply while looking at Gilbert’s genitals?
13 While Gilbert was undergoing circumcision, Tonton and Arnel were buying fresh buko from Bembol Roco. As Bembol the vendor chopped the buko, we heard Gilbert scream from the clinic. What did Tonton say?
14 What was the real name of the school where the movie was shot?
15 What brand of footlong ballpens were the guys playing with in class?
16 What was the name of the gay teacher-in-charge?
17 Who was the bold star who played the Spanish teacher?
18 What did Baby Delgado prepare for Adi for their merienda by the pool?
19 And what did Baby ask Aga when she noticed he was looking at the pool (after she caught him looking at her crotch)?
20 Who played the sex education teacher?
21 Who played William’s “ander da saya” father?
22 What was the name of Liza Lorena’s boyfriend in the movie?
23 Early in the film, Tita Nena mispronounced Topee’s name. What did she say?
24 Who played the school principal?

"Baby, I Lied." 2 They're sorority sisters. It was mentioned twice in the film. 3 Writer 4 Rusty 5 Mushrooms and his cheap Australian model. 6 Apat 7 Rubic's cube 8 The guys skateboarding in John Hay, Baguio. 9 Smurf. 10 Supot pa siya. 11 Si Dexter Doria. 12 "Vienna sausage." 13 "Pare, ayos, nabuksan na rin ang payong." 14 Jose Abad Santos Memorial High School. 15 Scribbler. 16 Raul Dimaano 17 Irma Alegre 18 Pancakes. 19 "You wanna take a dip?" 20 Zorayda Sanchez 21 Rodolfo "Boy" Garcia 22 Rocky 23 Tappie 24 Flora Gasser.

Watch out for Part 2 tomorrow!