Erik Matti's Vesuvius is among almost 100 short films in Lockdown Cinema Club's list.

Almost 100 short films were made available to the public to aid displaced movie workers

Lockdown Cinema Club spreads awareness on the brilliance of Southeast Asian short films in order to aid local production crews sidelines by COVID-19. BY ANCX
| Mar 22 2020

With everyone forced to stay at home because of the community quarantine, day earners and project based workers are feeling the crunch, worried that they won’t have enough money to support themselves and their loved ones.

And, with film projects put on hold, many production crews and staff members are similarly in peril. More than 500 film workers are displaced at the moment, with its numbers bound to increase as the quarantine continues.

'Plano' is Antoinette Jadaone's first work, which she made while she was still studying at the University of the Philippines. 

Film professionals Carl Chavez, Alemberg Ang, Mackie Galvez, and Camille Aragona recently came up with an idea to help their industry colleagues. Called Lockdown Cinema, the group is asking movie lovers to watch all they want, and give all they can.

Lockdown Cinema reached out to filmmakers in the country and across Southeast Asia to make their short films available to the public to raise awareness for this initiatives and for the plight of these challenged workers. The group will provide the links to where these films can be watched as well as the venues by which viewers can donate. These donation channels include BDO and BPI accounts, GCash, and Ticket2Me.


Around the region

So far, there have been two separate volumes of this initiative.

Volume 1 has works by Antoinette Jadaone (Plano), Dodo Dayao (If You Leave), Giancarlo Abrahan (May Dinadala), Gino Santos (Labing Dalawa), and Kiri Dalena (Gikan sa Ngitngit ng Kinailadman) mixed in with those by Thailand’s Nontawat Numbenchapol (Gaze and Hear) and Malaysia’s Bradley Liew (Describe The Color Red To A Blind Man).

Volume 2 has even more works by our regional neighbors including Cambodia’s Polen Ly (Colorful Knots), Indonesia’s Adi Marsono (Fatimah), and Singapore’s Nelson Yeo (Five Trees) along with works from Filipinos Lav Diaz (Ang Araw Bago Ang Wakas), Erik Matti (Vesuvius), Jerold Tarog (Faculty), Quark Henares (Child Star), Samantha Lee (Agos), and a lot more.

Samantha Lee's surf short documentary 'Agos' won her awards and credibility as a filmmaker.

The campaign has so fare received more than PHP 300,000 in donations. You can make donations to either of the following accounts:



Account Name: Alemberg Ang 

Bank Account Number: 004448023723



Account Name: Mark Frederik Galvez 

Bank Account Number: 8250015713



You may also visit Lockdown Cinema Club’s Ticket2Me page. For more information, visit their Facebook page.