Arjo Atayde plays a barber who becomes dazed by money and power

Arjo Atayde is a pawn in a political game in ‘Bagman’

The 12-part series, which centers around a family man forced to work under a crooked government, is among the streaming service’s slate of new originals.
ANCX | Mar 20 2019

Streaming service iWant recently launched a slate of new shows, which includes a couple of interesting originals: Bagman, a gritty socio-political thriller about someone who sacrifices his own values, and the light-hearted show Touch Screen.

Arjo Atayde and Allan Paule in iWant's Bagman.

In Bagman, Arjo Atayde plays an anti-hero, a barber who becomes dazed by money and power. Forced to work for a crooked governor, his life is turned upside-down as he gets entangled in the dangerous world of politics and complex societal institutions. The series debuts its first six episodes tonight, March 20, and streams its last three episodes on March 27.

Raymond Bagatsing plays a corrupt governor in Bagman.
Arjo Atayde plays an anti-hero, a barber who becomes dazed by money and power.

The three-part anthology Touch Screen, meanwhile, explores how digital technology has taken over people’s lives and personal relationships. It features Janella Salvador, Pokwang, and Denise Laurel in lead roles.

Users may always watch Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca’s fiery love story in Glorious including never-before-seen scenes in the director’s cut of the iWant original movie. It streams on the platform daily from 11 PM to 6 AM.

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Bagman creators Lino Cayetano, Philip King, and Shugo Praico, who wrote and directed the series.

In February, iWant recorded 80 million views, as it bannered new originals Allergy in Love, Hush, and Apple of My Eye and launched its iWant Sports section. The streaming service, meanwhile, recently received the Silver Creator Award from YouTube as its YouTube channel reached more than 100,000 subscribers. As of March 5, the channel has 173,431 subscribers. 

Bagman creators Cayetano, King, and Praico with the cast including Atayde, Bagatsing, and Paule

iWant, which can also be accessed via web on, offers both current and past ABS-CBN shows, documentaries, and specials as well as 1,500 films, restored movie classics, fast-cut versions of current teleseryes, Asianovelas. This also includes thousands of songs, One Music’s live digital concerts, and the livestreaming of DZMM TeleRadyo, ABS-CBN Channel 2, and ABS-CBN S+A among others.
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