9 galleries to stage first big art fair since pandemic 2
Artists peruse the works on display at the debut ALT show February 2020.

ALT is back and it might be the first big art event since the pandemic hit

True to its aim of reframing the art show, the group’s sophomore event will focus on raising funds for scholars
ANCX Staff | Nov 17 2021

After it’s successful launch Valentine’s Day of 2020, ALT, the group of galleries that cut ties from the pioneering event (now eight-year old) Art Fair Philippines, has not been heard from. Until now. 

The group is back for ALT Philippines 2021, which is set to be the biggest art event to happen since the pandemic hit, owing to the fact that it will have an actual exhibition that art watchers can physically visit (We’re excited to see the selfies!). This is the second collaborative project of nine noted local galleries namely: Artinformal, Blanc, Finale Art File, Galleria Duemila, MO_Space, The Drawing Room, Underground, Vinyl on Vinyl and West Gallery. 

The Finale Art File is the official venue for the upcoming ALT event.
The Finale Art File is the official venue for the upcoming ALT event.

In line with its aim to “reframe the art show,” this year’s event, while still expected to showcase the latest in Filipino contemporary art, is a response to the ongoing pandemic. The show, slated December 1 to 8, will primarily be a fundraiser. ALT seeks to grant four full-year scholarships and provide online learning tablets for 20 students through the ABC Foundation. 

The eight-day show will present works by over 150 leading contemporary artists. Instead of mounting separate booths just like in its much talked about debut event, the artworks will be installed inside one big space, the Finale Art File in La Fuerza Compound, to allow for social distancing and practice other safety protocols. 

All visits are strictly by appointment. VIP preview is on December 1-3, 10am - 7pm. Public viewing is on December 4-8, 10am - 5pm, with VIP reserved viewing every 5pm - 7pm. Public viewing appointments can be booked online through the website starting November 19, 2021.

ALT isn’t exactly an acronym but can be taken to mean different things: an alternative, something that reboots a system (as in when you press CTRL ALT DEL in your computer), a catalyst for healing or change (as in the enzyme ALT which is released in the bloodstream when the heart or liver is damaged).

A scene from the first ALT.
A scene from the first ALT.

But in this case ALT is an art collective which has decided to support education as part of its ongoing social responsibility projects, recognizing the education sector was one of the hardest hit in this pandemic. “This has adversely affected an entire generation of our youth, which is the country’s largest demographic,” says the ALT media writeup. “Lack of education and a high rate of illiteracy are some of the key problems in the Philippines that give rise to a cycle of poverty and other social ills.” 

ABC (or A Better Chance) Foundation works with government and other learning institutions to, according to its mission statement, “provide financial assistance to economically challenged but properly motivated children to enable them to pursue quality preschool, elementary, secondary as well as college education.” 

To book reservations, call or message Julianne Ng at 09563011742 or email viprelations@altphilippines.com.