How you can own Heart Evangelista’s first NFT art 2
(Right) A screengrab from Heart Evangelista's first NFT. Images from @iamhearte on Instagram

Heart Evangelista’s first NFT artworks are out—and here’s how you can own one

“I think it’s important we have art like these NFTs that commemorate what we went through and eventually overcame.”
ANCX Staff | Nov 05 2021

As style influencer, she sets the trends when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not. As an artist, Heart Evangelista seems to also be leading the way to what’s au courant in the art scene—and can there be anything more fashionable now than NFT art? 

The painter and style influencer announced Thursday that she had officially launched her first two NFT artworks. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and in this case refers to, as one of our favorite writers recently explained it to us, a digital asset that is unique and non-interchangeable. One sort of enters the asset into a “blockchain,” which is the technology that forever keeps it in record that a document, a picture, or a painting, is an original and doubtless owned by the artist.

Evangelista also said in her Instagram announcement that she launched her two NFTs on @opensea which, according to its profile page, is “the largest marketplace for NFTs. Creates, buys, sells and discovers unique digital assets.”

"Opensea is indeed the largest NFT art marketplace in the world," says Leah Callon-Butler, director at Emfarsis, a consulting firm which deals with a lot of NFT assets and crypto clients. "Its total sales volume in September exceeded $3 billion, which is about 35 times the traditional art sales of the entire country of the Philippines for an entire year."

The Sorsogon governor’s wife also revealed the circumstances that led her to paint the two artworks, both images of women—her favorite subject—in different melancholic expressions. 

“I painted both pieces in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic when Manila was strictly locked down,” said the artist. “Like many people, the lockdown was a time of great transition for me. Suddenly, everything going on in my busy life slowed down and for the first time, I was able to be still and contemplate the huge changes that were going on.” 

Working on the two paintings helped Evangelista deal with her new realities then. “Painting these pieces was so therapeutic and helped me process the crazy time we went through,” she said. “I feel these pieces immortalize what I, and probably many of you, felt during the lockdowns. Hopefully we never have to go through anything like that again, but I think it’s important we have art like these NFTs that commemorate what we went through and eventually overcame.”

If you will remember, Evangelista spoke about her NFTs to Karen Davila on the latter's YouTube channel sometime in September. The artist said then, after showing the artworks to Davila, that she cannot sell it yet because “whoever ends up buying [the NFT], the painting can go to them. Some people when they buy the digital painting, they will destroy the original painting so it becomes more expensive.” Heart said the painting can go up to 3 million USD in price (around Php 150 million) as an NFT, which shocked the news anchor and vlogger. 

On her Instagram post, Evangelista explained to her followers how they can access her NFT artworks, or buy them should they be inclined. As she told Davila in her vlog, the NFT world is a different world. Well, it also has its own language and modes of payment.

“If you haven’t already, install Metamask wallet,” the artist tells her followers. “This is where you’ll hold both your NFTs and the cryptocurrency that you’ll use to pay for it. For my NFTs, you’ll use Ethereum (ETH). You can buy ETH from exchanges like, Binance, and Coinbase. Afterwards, visit mypage on @opensea ( on November 4-7 to purchase one of my pieces.” 

What is ETH exactly? "Ethereum is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin," says Butler, "and it enables the borderless exchange of funds and assets in innovative new contexts like NFTArt, Defi, or Play-to-Earn games. Ethereum has an exchange rate with Philippine pesos, so when the artwork is eventually sold, it is the artist's prerogative when they want to convert it to pesos." As of this writing, one Ether is equal to ₱228,614, according to

Evangelista says she worked on the two NFTs in collaboration with Cryptopop’s Luis Buenaventura, one of the world's first NFT artists, and Rodel Colmenar, composer of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. “Together, I think we created a piece that truly immortalizes the transitions, stillness, and emotions we experienced as last year’s craziness put our lives to a halt,” says the social media star. “I’m so proud of these NFTs and hope they’ll speak as deeply to you as they do to me!”