Wire Tuazon's "The Hunt for Big Time Art Fakes" (2007), oil on canvas, 72x48 in. Photograph by Berwin Coroza
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19 paintings we'll bid on at the Finale Auctions if we win the lotto

From a rare Luna still life to an elegant Bencab, there is much to raise your paddle for in tomorrow's Finale Auctions fine art section
The ANCX Staff | Oct 12 2018

There are 146 lots up for bidding in tomorrow's Finale Auctions, at least in the fine art department. Choosing 19 might be a bit of a stretch, but we're dreaming here. That number also just means that the people behind the auction, led by veteran gallery owner Vita Sarenas, has been able to gather truly desirable works—displayed beautifully in the La Fuerza art space by the artist Nilo Ilarde.

There is something for everyone here: buyers just looking out for names; buyers looking for names but seeks only a fine example of the artist's work; those looking to add to their collection of a particular master's work; those on the lookout for nudes; and those only looking to decorate. The star of the show is an undated Juan Luna Y Novicio called "Pensamientos," a chiaroscuro take on a bouquet of pansies both fresh and wilted, a rare still life in a career marked with portraits and images that tell a story. There's a beautiful 50s Anita Magsaysay-Ho called "The Needle Woman" from her much praised egg tempera period. There is also a quartet of nude etchings from Fernando Amorsolo from plates believed to have been left by the artist in New York on his way home to the Philippines from Spain. 

It would be exciting, to say the least, to be on the auction floor tomorrow and spot the personalities holding the raised paddles. But it would be more rewarding, of course, if you had a billion on hand and outbid them all.  


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Juan Luna y Novicio's "Pensamientos", oil on wood panel, 14x18 in

Anita Magsaysay-Ho's "The Needle Woman (1954), egg tempera on wood, 20x16 in

Bencab's "Heredero" (2009), oil on canvas, 30x20 in

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz's "Dennis (1974), Oil on canvas, 30x24 in

Romulo Galicano's "My studio" (1997), oil on canvas, 48x30 in

Charlie Co, 2015, oil on canvas, 72x72 in

Jason Montinola, oil on canvas, 54x40 in

Marina Cruz's "Red and Yellow Flowers" (2013), oil on canvas, 48x36 in

Francesca Enriques's "I, Me and Myself" (1998), oil on canvas, 39x39 in

Lynyrd Paras's "Lorenz" (2009), acrylic and oil on canvas, 72x60 in

Fernando Zobel's "Los Grajos VI" (1964), oil on canvas, 31.5x31.5 in

Romulo Olazo's "Diaphanous Anthuriums #40 (1997), oil on canvas, 40x40 in

David Medalla's "London" (2005), oil on canvas, 20x16 in

Ang Kiukok's "Pieta" (1993), oil on canvas, 36x36 in

Isidro Ancheta's "Intramuros Gate", oil on canvas laid on board, 12.5x9 in

Alfredo Roces's "Still Life Fruits" (1958), oil on board, 17x24 in

Fernando Amorsolo's "Nude", etching, 8x11 in

Agustin Goy's "Nude" (1985), watercolor on paper, 12x9 in

Onib Olmedo's "Musician" (1992), pastel on felt paper, 27.5x21.5 in