From left: Winner Jumalon portrait from Wikimedia Commons, Lynyrd Paras portrait by Daniel Soriano, Max Balatbat portrait from Twitter account, Mark Andy Garcia portrait from official website.
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Collectors reveal what they see in the art of Winner Jumalon, Lynyrd Paras, Max Balatbat, Mark Andy Garcia

Once a collector gets swept away by a piece from a particular artist, it is but natural he wants his hand on another one, and another. 
ANCX | Jul 06 2020

The four Filipino visual artists featured in the ANCX virtual gallery—in partnership with DF Art Agency and Art Moments Jakarta — have works that belong to the treasured collections of art aficionados in the country.

Winner Jumalon is best known for his portraiture—a combination of high detail and rugged markings which evoke a deep context. 

Winner Jumalon's It Is No Panacea 2020, oil on canvas, 48” x 42”

Dr. Joven Cuanang, founder of Pinto Art Gallery, the most instagrammed museum in South East Asia, is an admirer of Jumalon’s works. He has a few pieces by the artist including a portrait of the doctor himself. The art patron also hosted a memorable show of Jumalon in Pinto many years back, featuring portraits of people made to look like they’ve passed on to the next life. “Winner’s works intrigue,” he says. “His strokes are free and playful no matter what subjects he tackles. But his magnum opus NO TE YAYAS, about his beloved Zamboanga is a bittersweet tribute done with a childlike charm yet so honest and so profound.”

Mark Andy Garcia, a former overseas worker, is known for his anti-trend, painterly style. Robbie Santos, one of the most avid art collectors in the Philippines, owns several works of Garcia. “I like the works of Mark Andy Garcia because he represents how a Pinoy artist can gather influences from foreign artists (I always end up comparing his landscapes with those of Gustav Klimt; and I see his fascination for Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers) and interpret them on his own. I like it that he is consistent with his strokes - long, swirly slivers of pigment layered with spontaneous splatters of color. Furthermore, I see in his figurative work a commentary on one's solitude or isolation. He is an artist who is little by little baring his soul to his audience. I have never encountered an artist who does the same thing. Thus, I collect him.”

Mark Andy Garcia's Where the Light Enters 2020, oil on canvas, 48” x 48”

The Caloocan born Max Balatbat is famous for his collage-like abstractions deriving inspiration from the urban landscape of his neighborhood.

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“I collect Max Balatbat because of Max Balatbat,” says Paolo Roman Perez, a budding art collector focused on Balatbat’s ouevre. “He is one of the very few artists that relates, translates and conveys the story of his person and environment onto the canvas in a very original and brave manner.” For Perez, you always get the full experience of the artist in every work. “Max Balatbat does not leave you feeling short-changed. Each progression of his story positively evolves in each and every art work he releases. The story line of his art remains straightforward and grows in beauty. It is also global in perspective and art interpretation. Balatbat is not pretentious and full of life. Max Balatbat in person is also Max Balatbat on the canvas.”

Max Balatbat's Starlet 2020, acrylic skin on canvas, 48” x 36”

Finally, Lynyrd Paras is known for his arresting, distorted and dark portraits.

Monette Mapa has an eye for Paras’ talent and vision. “Lynyrd’s pieces have a certain kind of life in them. They seem to lift away from the canvas—as if they were alive. When he paints portraits, the eyes even stare at you and draw you in. That distinct encounter of locking eyes with a Lynyrd painting is, to me, his unique signature. When I make eye contact, I know that it’s his work.”

Lynyrd Paras's Eat Your Bones 2020, oil on canvas, 48” x 36”

The virtual gallery featuring the works of these artists form part of ANCX’s second virtual art gallery. It’s a partnership with DF Art Agency and Art Moments Jakarta. The gallery showcases a capsule collection of select Filipino artists.


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