Photo of the Flower Bomber courtesy of Leon Gallery; Kim Atienza's portrait by Berwin Coroza

What would they bid on? Kim Atienza’s picks from Leon Gallery’s Spectacular Mid Year Auction

We asked the art collector and everyone’s favorite kuya what he would love to have from the treasures in the upcoming Leon Gallery auction. 
ANCX | Jun 07 2020

Today ANCX debuts a collaboration with Leon Gallery for its Spectacular Mid Year Auction on June 20.

We begin by asking people who like art to choose their top picks among 125 items to be auctioned off. Think of it as a guide to narrow down your personal choices from the wealth of desirable pieces. 

In the past few years, more than just a platform for the buy and sell of art and antiquities, Leon Gallery has showcased the best in Philippine Art, from the Pre-Hispanic to the emerging contemporary superstars. Viewing their auction pieces is like going to a major art exhibition and is an enthralling visual treat even for a non-buyer.

Kim Atienza, or Kuya Kim as he is known to TV audiences who tune in for his weather updates on TV Patrol and adventures on the long running education show Matanglawin has been collecting art for about three decades. He has assembled one of Manila’s unique and most envied collections, crediting the famed curator Bobi Valenzuela, co-founder of the esteemed Hiraya Gallery, for his early exposure and appreciation. The art in Kim’s home has been featured many times in many publications, exposing readers to his taste in art which tends to favor the dark and disturbing. 

From the 125 pieces for sale in the Spectacular Mid-year Auction, here are Kuya Kim’s top 5 picks: 

1) The flower bomber by Banksy

This piece is timeless yet totally in tune with what's happening in America now with the BLM protests. Blessed are the peace makers they shall be called children of God.

2) Kawayan De Guia’s Colonial Coils

I love the Pinoy humor on the Lion Tiger Katol. Parang suminghot ng Katol is an adage we hear often said about our present elected leaders. Pure pinoy "Horror Vacui" on this one. Sulit!

3) Romeo Tabuena

This piece is a paradox. it aims to be nationalistic yet Mang Romy vandalized the flag! The controversy gives this piece value though Mang Romy made this work in 1960 before the flag code was signed to law

4) Jigger Cruz

This man is pure genius. He is a personal friend and when you meet him, the more you understand his art. His art is passionate yet in total control, arrogant yet totally down to earth. Jigger is his art.

5) Keka Enriquez

I was told by my mentor the late Bobi Valenzuela that this was the time when Keka was using her arms and legs and body to spread paint on the canvas. So surreal, symbolic and full.

product image
Leon Gallery

Colonial Coils by Kawayan de Guia

Signed and dated 2019 (lower right), mixed media, 67” x 55” x 3” (170 cm x 140 cm x 8 cm). Starting Rate Below.

Php 240,000 Register now to bid!
product image
Leon Gallery

Flower Bomber by Brandalism Banksy x MEDICOM

Black Gesso Version, Polystone (with box), 17” x 14” x 4” (43 cm x 36 cm x 10 cm). Starting Bid Rate Below.

product image
Leon Gallery

Sunflower with Beer and Peanuts by Jigger Cruz

Signed and dated 2019 (lower right), oil on paper, 60” x 48” (152 cm x 122 cm). Starting Bid Rate Below.

Php 600,000 Register now to bid!
product image
Leon Gallery

Untitled by Romeo Tabuena

Signed (lower left), Ca. 1960, mixed media, 34” x 67” (86 cm x 170 cm). Starting Bid Rate Below.

Php 100,000 Register now to bid!
product image
Leon Gallery

Untitled by Francesca Enriquez

Signed and dated 1987 (verso), oil on canvas, 48” x 48” (122 cm x 122 cm). Starting Bid Rate Below.

Php 120,000 Register now to bid!

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