One of Josie Natori's picks in the upcoming Leon Gallery Asian Cultural Council Auction 2021 is this brass sculpture by Eduardo Castrillo

Tastemaker’s list: Josie Natori picks her favorites from this weekend’s León auction

The talented Mrs. Natori is drawn to the beauty of lines and has a penchant for the works of Filipino masters    
ANCX Staff | Feb 23 2021

“I am a novice with regards to collecting Philippine art so my choices come with no rhyme or reason,” says Josie Natori about her list of favorites at the upcoming León auction. Looking at her choices, of course, makes a case for the opposite. She is drawn to geometry, or “the beauty of lines,” as she puts it, and a vibrant mix of colors. 

Not to mention, she has an obvious penchant for the masters. 

One might do well to follow her recommendations this Saturday, February 27, when bidding at the Leon Gallery Asian Cultural Council Auction 2021. After all, her creative eye and exacting taste are of great renown, if one were to base it on the success of her eponymous global fashion and lifestyle brand. 

Mrs. Natori also picked a couple of non-paintings: an Ah Tay bed and a Castrillo sculpture, both echoing the lines and foundations of the paintings she picked. “I choose the bed and the sculpture only because I love the looks of them as decorative objects,” she says. “I clearly relate more to the more modern Philippine paintings. Love the colors and the serenity of the three paintings.” 

Mrs. Natori is the Vice Chair of the Asian Cultural Council and sits on the board of the ACC Foundation Inc. which is partnering with Leon Gallery this month for the year’s first major auction. The event is for the benefit of our talented Filipino artists seeking to better their crafts and broaden their horizons through studies and residencies abroad. The auction is also co-presented by ANCX, the lifestyle website of ANC, the ABSCBN News Channel. 

Here are Mrs. Natori’s picks: 


LOT 24- Tinapa Vendors by Anita Magsaysay Ho 


LOT 39-Pila sa Bigas by Vicente Manansala 


LOT 42-Blue Fish by Ang kiukok


LOT 79-Ibalon by  Jose Joya


LOT 114-Miguel Malvar Ah Tay Bed


LOT 134-Untitled (brass sculpture) by  Eduardo Castrillo


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