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Davao village puts stickers on homes of vaccinated residents

Workers in Barangay Lasang, Davao City are visiting homes of vaccinated residents since Thursday to put stickers on their gates and houses.

This is part of the barangay’s initiative called household tagging and mapping to encourage other residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Barangay Lasang chairman Allan Simo-ag said the barangay prepared 1,000 stickers. Indicated in each sticker is the name of the household and a checkbox if he or she is already vaccinated with first or second dose.

As of the latest count, there are 274 residents that have already received anti-COVID-19 vaccines in Barangay Lasang.

Based on the latest risk assessment of the Davao City government, Barangay Lasang is under moderate risk for COVID-19 infection.

As of July 8, Davao City has vaccinated 267,793 residents for first dose and 60,647 for second dose. Hernel Tocmo