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Andi Eigenmann shares special meaning of arm tattoo

MANILA – Andi Eigenmann took to social media to share one of her favorite photos from a recent shoot she had for a fashion magazine.

In an Instagram post, Eigenmann explained that she loves the snap because it captures the ink on her right arm.

Eigenmann said her tattoo actually says "Bumangon muli" written in Baybayin. 

“A little story about it -- At the time I got it, I was at a low point in my life, I couldn't even imagine how or if I was ever going to rise again. Everything all seemed dark. I just wanted to have something to remind me that I could," she said.

“But somehow I did. I rose again, and I learned, I got better, I grew kinder, I started to love myself. And now I'm here... living that Marimar life, as they say,” she added.

Following her post, several celebrities commented on how naturally beautiful Eigenmann looks.

Some netizens, meanwhile, commented on how she serves as an inspiration to many going through a difficult time.

Now based in Siargao, Eigenmann spends her days looking after her three kids Eillie, Lilo and Koa. She has also been chronicling how she is keeping fit, after giving birth to her youngest in 2021.

“I'm happy to make it a duty to care for my body because as I grow older, I've found that when I take good care of my physical health (inside and out), it spills over into other aspects of my being that are, in hindsight, more of a priority to me,” she previously said.