Whitening skin: How to do it right


Posted at Mar 12 2016 09:57 AM

Forget bleaching creams and treatments—the way to whiter, glowing skin is through a breakthrough lozenge

Whitening skin: How to do it right 1

No, it’s NOT a pill. It’s a lozenge. It’s not in any way in the group of those whitening supplements you’ve come across. This one is in a league of its own.

Thiocell, a premium whitening brand, is the first and only oral glutathione in lozenge form available in the country. Dermatologist-recommended, US-patented and clinically approved, this grape-flavored lozenge is dissolved through the buccal mucosa (inner cheek). Taken once daily through this simple method, makes all the difference.

Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring thiol or compound in our bodies. This antioxidant is reported to cause a lightening effect, as well as provide great health benefits. By reducing free radicals in the body known to activate and cause an increase in melanin production, introducing GSH at a cellular level is the best skin-lightening route.

The potent whitening formula delivers the glutathione compound directly to cells, a recipe for safe, sustained and significant effects in glowing skin and overall health. By synergistically combining glutathione with other enzymes such as selenium and vitamins C, D, E and grape seed extract, you get optimum results.

Whitening skin: How to do it right 2

As reported in the International Journal of Dermatology, Thiocell highly differentiates itself and proves to be successful as a skin whitening product precisely because of this*.

Last January 2015, its safety and effectiveness was even tested on Filipina subjects. In an open-label clinical trial, 30 Filipino women tried Thiocell for a period of eight weeks. From Week 2 of intake, 100% of the subjects reported a significant lightening effect on their skin.

The significant whitening effects carried on continuously from Week 2 to Week 8. All patients’ melanin levels increasingly dropped from start to finish. No adverse reactions were found, guaranteeing product safety.

Thiocell’s formula assists your body in manufacturing glutathione. Its faster absorption rate through a lozenge (not needles or pills), mean high level of effectiveness through direct delivery to the cells.

Taking Thiocell results in a healthy immune system, while successfully whitening skin— giving it a smooth and healthy glow. It is the ultimate in whitening: skin is significantly lightened a early as two weeks, and with continued use, skin gets even more radiant overtime.

We’ve been doing it all wrong these years. The future of fair and radiant skin is here — the safest, most effective, proven and most modern way to lighten skin. It’s time we do WHITE, RIGHT.

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*International Journal of Dermatology 2016, 55, 153-157

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