How to make your New Year's resolution work


Posted at Dec 29 2022 02:55 PM

Photo source: Lazada PH
Photo source: Lazada PH

Let us face it: resolutions are always tied to "New Year" for a reason – often, they never make it past the beginning of the year and are easily forgotten after everyone has eased into reality.

So, why still make them? 

From one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the country – three leaders from Lazada Philippines share their thoughts about sustaining high performance at work, the essentials to thrive in the period of disruption and uncertainty, and insights on the breed of new generation leaders to whom the future belongs.

Take risks and take full accountability

At Lazada Philippines, employees are passionate about being a platform for businesses of all sizes and to reach Filipinos across the country. As the eCommerce platform works towards creating meaningful opportunities to help drive the local economy, they invest in talent, and admit that their workplace is fast-paced and high pressure, built for the dynamic, driven, and determined. 

"We are in the business of building businesses. We are only going to do well if our sellers do well. We work with brands and also empower MSMEs. They are the lifeblood of eCommerce and are willing to risk to really grow," shares Carlos Barrera, CEO of Lazada Philippines.

Lazada PH's CEO shares his message to Lazadians. Photo source: Lazada PH
Lazada PH's CEO shares his message to Lazadians. Photo source: Lazada PH

With this responsibility comes the need to empower and invest in talent – equipping them in various skill and competency areas. This applies not only to Lazada's own employees, but even those within their ecosystem – the sellers and partners. 

"I always like to challenge our leaders – make decisions their teams have challenges in making, take on responsibilities their teams cannot bear, and help them get access to resources to succeed. I learned this from one of our brilliant Alibaba Group leaders, and I live by this philosophy," shares Barrera.

Be the shoulder someone else could stand on towards greatness

Committed to building a more inclusive digital commerce industry, Lazada helps create initiatives to uplift women and the youth, and provide them with opportunities to participate in the digital economy.

"Throughout my journey at Lazada, I never felt my gender became a barrier to success. I even see it as an advantage that as a woman, I possess the empathy to understand our consumers on a deeper level, and the ability to adapt to change and oversee multiple initiatives at once," shares Sheryll Nito, Head of Business Development and Platform Governance of Lazada.

Photo source: Lazada PH
Photo source: Lazada PH

Nito believes that the future belongs to companies and leaders who invest in women and the next generation.

In addition, the company launched Lazada X for the Women Data Science Scholarship – the scholarship providing training opportunities for young women, in a country where households increasingly rely on the women in the family to help uplift their quality of life. 

For its first batch, the scholars have since been placed in new data science roles, effecting a significant increase in their average monthly earnings. 

"Our workforce consists of a healthy mix of both genders across all age groups who add value to our operations by bringing different and new ideas and a wealth of industry experience," Nito added.

Create your future instead of leaving it to chance and luck

Janet Basa-Siasoco, Head of Business Analytics, naturally hinges her decisions on data, even for the smallest choices she makes. 

"One of the things that make our culture special is that we are highly analytical. Our people really know their data, their numbers, and they are constantly tracking things. We are constantly adjusting," shares Siasoco.

Photo source: Lazada PH
Photo source: Lazada PH

Lazada PH has an open culture that helps motivate Lazadians (employees of Lazada) to chart their development within the company. Through self-enablement and a solid support system, Lazadians drive their own career paths to create a bigger impact in the organization and the communities that they serve.

An employee survey is also regularly conducted by an external partner, so that the company can improve through the feedback they receive. The company also aims to provide opportunities to inspire their people and support them to pursue their purpose and grow in Lazada.

In the spirit of being aggressive and proactive in shaping what is to come in 2023, Barrera also closed the year by extending this for them to reflect on.

"I want you all to think about what you want to do differently, and what we can do better next year to come back re-energized and to go all out from day one. It is important for us to continue our speed and to execute faster than ever; you will always have my support to make sure we all reach our goals together," shares Barrera.

Among these three resolutions, one thing is clear: resolutions work if they are made for the betterment of others beyond oneself. So, go ahead and challenge yourself by asking 'What can I do differently this year to make those around me, not just myself, better than last year?'

If you are passionate about enabling Filipinos to shop and sell online, innovating where retail meets technology, and working with a growing and diverse team in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia, find your own start to a career in eCommerce by visiting the Lazada PH LinkedIn page.

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