QUIZ: How well do you know diabetes?

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Posted at Dec 29 2017 09:22 PM

Filipinos love rice, and have many kinds of desserts to satiate their sweet teeth. However, this love for sugary treats and the local staple is threatened by increasing cases of diabetes.

Diabetes--a condition where the body is unable to properly process glucose and leads to high blood sugar levels--has many risk factors, among these family history, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and a sedentary lifestyle, said the Department of Health (DOH).

It can also result in various complications including long term damage and failure of organs such as the eyes, kidneys, nerves, the heart, and blood vessels, leading to blindness, heart disease, and stroke.

Mortality rate is also high, said the American Diabetes Association. 

Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization, about one in 10 adults have diabetes. This number is expected to double, if people do not change their lifestyles for the better.

Contrary to popular belief, medication isn't the only cure to diabetes. One should also improve their diet and exercise habits. 

According to the DOH, people can start small by avoiding simple sugars such as cakes and chocolates, and eating complex carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, and fresh fruit instead. However, moderation is key--too much of these can also be bad for the health.

Regular exercise is also key. At least three 30-minute exercise sessions a week improves cardiovascular fitness, and helps the body lower blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Regular exercise can also be supplemented by joining group exercise activities such as marathons, such as those advocated by Sun Life Philippines.

For seven years now, Sun Life Philippines, in partnership with Piolo Pascual have been spearheading the Sunpiology fun run, an event that targets both athletes and running enthusiasts.

This 2017, Sunpiology evolved into Sunpiology Duo, adding cycling to their event. 

Despite its new name, Sunpiology Duo will still continue to support the education of scholars from Hebreo 12:1 Foundation and the diabetes awareness programs of the Institute of Studies for Diabetes Foundation, Inc., among others. 

On January 20, Sunpiology Duo will once again take over Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. To sign up, visit www.sunpiology.com. You may also check updates via their official Facebook page. 

But before signing up to the event, let's put your knowledge on diabetes to test by taking up this quiz:


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