How staying healthy can help you live your best life


Posted at Dec 28 2019 11:24 AM | Updated as of Jan 07 2020 03:39 PM

How staying healthy can help you live your best life 1

Lean, vice-free, flawless, and clear-sighted. These are some well-established descriptions of what a healthy person is.

But health is no longer a subject of singular, dogmatic depiction. As time went by, a healthy person is viewed as more than just their physical and tangible attributes. This time around, someone who understands and applies the value of emotional and mental health and wellness, on top of being fit is the holistically healthy person.

As one of the most recognized players in the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industry, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, reimagines a community where not only do people get to exercise their opportunities of keeping in top shape, but also of them living their best lives through a collective engagement of resources for a better cause.

When Maxicare held its first Maxifest that covers sub-events such as the third Maxicare Run and Maxicare Market, ambassadors, runners, viewers, and passersby, were all invited to be part of an even bigger cause; and in the process, break a Guinness World Record.

''Live Your Best Life,'' the new tagline of Maxicare, breathes character to part of its mission in ushering nutritional values and information through the Maxicare Market, and promoting active lifestyle through the Maxicare Run.

Maxicare Chief Marketing Officer, Archie Rillo, said ''Maxicare helps you live your best life by providing convenient and efficient services that get you the preventive and curative care you need to make you well and keep you physically and mentally healthy.''

''This gives us the freedom to live our lives to the fullest in a holistic sense. It means being well enough to pursue our dreams, to accomplish our life goals, to spend wonderful and memorable moments with our loved ones, and to help and care for others. All three activities in our Maxifest bring these to life,'' he continued.

Starting with Maxicare Run, participants got to choose among the athletic 16km and 10km distances, basic 5km and 3km distances, 2km Senior Sprint for 60-year-olds and above, and 500-meter dash for three to 12-year-old kids.

How staying healthy can help you live your best life 2

A run made not only for one, but for family and peers to embrace the active lifestyle over cordial merriment. 

''Masaya ang mga fun run kasi may iba kang makikilala at magkakaroon ka ng maraming bagong mga kaibigan. At 'pag nanalo naman, ang sarap sa feeling,'' said 5km 2nd placer, Cavin Vidal.

At the Maxifest assembly, when everyone was already given their tools for the Guinness World Record attempt, TV hosts and health enthusiasts Gretchen Ho, Joyce Pring, and celebrity couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villana, graced the stage to congratulate and give support to the ever-spirited runners who are minutes away from doing the attempt for the most number of people hugging a plush toy simultaneously.

''We felt this is a good record to break because we partnered with Kythe. Kythe helps children who suffer from cancer and chronic diseases, and who are hospitalized. So it is very important for us to give these children hope and something to look forward to as they go through a difficult time,'' said Maxicare CEO and President, Sean Argos.

How staying healthy can help you live your best life 3

''Aside from being used to break the record, these plush toys are actually gonna be donated to the children assisted by Kythe, who's helped over 11,000 children since their foundation,'' added Argos.

Before proceeding their respective ways, attendees wrote down sincere messages on their soft bear toys, for children to read and feel their love and care this Christmas.

Asked about what he would want people to remember about the activity, Argos expressed, ''we are part of a bigger community, and we as Maxicare, want to help everyone live their best lives. So living your best life is not just about being fit, it is also about mental health and wellness, building relationships, and having right nutrition.''

Rillo added, ''Maxicare passionately shares this desire to live our lives to the fullest. Hence, we provide convenient and efficient care to our members so that they get to spend more time on things that really matter in life – we help them live their best lives!''

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