Dimples Romana shares the gift of food for the holidays

Ann Manhit

Posted at Dec 27 2018 12:17 PM

'Kadenang Ginto' lead star, Dimples Romana, balances so many things on her plate. An actress, businesswoman, wife, and mother, Romana has mastered the art of multitasking.

With everything she does, Romana is clear on her goals. 

"I dedicate each show for either a property or business," she said.

Last October, Romana surprised her mom and siblings with the gift of a new home. 

"Simple lang ito pero sana magbigay ito ng magandang simula sa kanila at maraming magandang alaala," she wrote in a social media post.


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Truly, one thing is at the core of her every decision: family. 

Despite her busy schedule, she always makes it a point to make time for those she loves. 

Happily married to her husband of 15 years, Boyet Ahmee, and hands-on mom to 15-year old Callie and 3-year old Alonzo, Romana always puts family first. This is probably because her own childhood was spent with family, too. 

"As young as 9 years old, I was already helping my mom cook in the kitchen," she shared. "I love cooking and I carried that practice on to my own family." 

Romana's children are no strangers to the kitchen, too. In fact, they have their own favorites already when it comes to food preparation. 

"Alonzo is three, and he's already helping me out. He likes cooking pasta with me, trying out different sauces. Callie is a baker, and that's also because she would hang out with me in the kitchen. She loves moving from banana bread, to cookies and cakes," she said.

Cooking for and with her family is something that Romana finds joy in. 

"You cater to what your family wants to eat," she said.

"My family is a mix of different kinds of people. Callie loves rice and ulam, while Alonzo likes pizza, bread, and pasta."

Romana believes in having a good balance of the healthy and the happy food. 

"I want them to eat healthy food, and at the same time, I also encourage them to feed their soul. As much as I want to be healthy all the time, I think a little bit of the butter and a little bit of the sugar won't hurt," she said.

While Romana has perfected her repertoire of 'lutong-bahay' recipes, she also has some notable dishes such as her recipe for Salted Egg Shrimp. 

The recipe got shared on social media many times, and even got the attention of a known hotel. 


"They asked me to teach it to the chefs and was one of their featured dishes for a while," she said. 

Not many know it, but Romana also holds a degree in International Hospitality Management, Major in Culinary Arts, from Enderun College. She even has a cookbook in the works. 

"You should try her truffle pasta," said her husband proudly. 

Romana has always lived the spirit of the Glad Feast, and generously shares the food she makes with family, friends, and even the less fortunate. 

"Food makes people happy," Romana said. 

Last December 7, actress and homemaker Dimples Romana shared two of her home recipes with the public at Mercato BGC. 

In her Instagram post, Romana shared snippets of her cooking demo and wrote, "Celebrate life with your family and create the most memorable get-togethers! Made use of the Glad Aluminum Foil for the Steamed Pampano, Glad Ovenware for the Shrimp and Sausage Boil, and Glad Sandwich Zipper bags for the baon sandwiches of my kids!"


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She also shared a handy life hack: "#DimpsTips I make use of the Glad Sandwich Zipper bags when storing my small abubuts like earrings, lippies, trinkets, and even bring them to travel making sure that none of those will spill in my bags!"

Indeed, having the entire Glad line-up makes food preparation easy. Wrapped in seal-tight Glad Cling Wrap, her ingredients were kept fresh and ready for cooking. 

Her Steamed Pampano and her Shrimp and Sausage Boil were cooked in mere minutes, giving her extra time to take a call from her daughter in the middle of cooking. "Mommy duties!" she said.

"The thing with cooking is that some moms think it's very complicated, but it's really not. It's something that you can enjoy doing with your family. You'll also enjoy learning it." 

Years of experience have taught her essential truths that has made her the cook that she now is. 

"Always equip yourself with the correct things to use," said Romana. 

"The thing with cooking is that you really have to find a brand that's dependable. Something that you can use for food preparation, for cooking, for storage." 

Romana has been using the Glad product line for years, and stands by its quality. 

"There are certain grades of a product that are safe for you to put in the freezer or to cook with, so you have to be mindful," Romana cautioned. 

"Fortunately, Glad is very particular in terms of safety and efficiency."

"For those who are just starting to cook, there's also the Glad Non-Stick Aluminum Foil. It's really great since you won't have to worry that the foil will stick to your food," shared Romana. 

She also reminded novice cooks to be kinder and more patient with themselves. 

"Don't be afraid of making mistakes in the kitchen. Never be afraid of going out of your comfort zone, because that’s also where you learn."

For Romana, the food preparation is just one part of the gift. 

"The labor of love that you put into the gesture is more important. No matter what you cook, it's the service that comes with it that really matters," she said.

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