How nutrition affects a child's learning ability


Posted at Dec 20 2021 12:56 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Parents are tasked with providing their children with the right care and proper nutrition so they can build a foundation for their learning, health, and life's success. To help their kid reach his or her full potential, parents need to give careful consideration to what they put on the table. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids such as DHA is essential for the development and function of the brain. This is more commonly found in marine sources such as fish and fish oil products. However, more DHA-fortified milk is being made available in the market, which along with Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin D it typically contains, can help aid a child in growing healthy and strong.

Another important thing is to give children a healthy eating pattern. This includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products, a variety of protein food, and oils. Unfortunately, not every child is receiving the proper variety of food they need. Some parents are facing the difficulty of meeting their child's daily required nutrients due to accessibility or financial struggles. This is a cause for alarm as children who do not receive proper nutrition may find it difficult to focus, play well, stay awake, and learn.

Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ helps support a child's All-Around Development, with proper nutrition and stimulation, by providing Brain, Immunity, and Bones nutrients. Photo source: Lactum
Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ helps support a child's All-Around Development, with proper nutrition and stimulation, by providing Brain, Immunity, and Bones nutrients. Photo source: Lactum

LACTUM 3+, a milk brand for children above 3 years old, helps support complete and balanced nutrition for a child's early childhood development. Knowing the struggles of parents in providing all the daily required nutrients, LACTUM 3+ promotes access to value for money milk that helps support a child's All-Around Development together with proper nutrition and stimulation. 

Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ contains nutrients for the Brain, Immunity, and Bones. It has Vitamin C plus Prebiotic Inulin which helps support immunity, and Calcium and Vitamin D which are necessary for bone health and development.

It also now has 5x more DHA vs. the previous formulation. LACTUM 3+ has 20mg per serving of DHA, one of the highest DHA levels in the economy staged milk for kids available in the market. Additionally, it contains a high source of Iron and Iodine to support the development and functioning of the brain.

Supporting children's All-Around Development helps them reach important milestones as part of their growth such as being able to play well, easily run, climb, walk up and down the stairs, understand and solve simple problems, and talk well enough for others to understand. Plus, parents will be relieved to know that their children are getting all the right nutrients for their daily needs. That is why this is something every parent needs to take into consideration for their young kids. But parents need not worry as there are value for money options like Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ that can help them achieve this even when they are on a budget. 

Nurturing caring, happy, healthy, and smart children need attention, focus, love, and dedication from parents. By teaching them to adopt a healthy lifestyle early on, one that includes proper stimulation and nutrition, children have more chances to grow up ready to tackle a bright and healthy future.

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