How to survive the dreaded 'Petsa de Peligro' as told by Lloyd Cadena

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Posted at Dec 20 2017 11:56 AM

Ever wonder how everyone can relate to memes and social media rants about young working adults being 'broke' all the time?

It's because almost everyone has trouble saving up and it's really hard to resist spending a lot, especially now that practically everything is available online.

But it's not like it started with this generation. Money woes have always been a thing of the working population so much so that "Petsa de Peligro" was coined.

"Petsa de Peligro" is the time of month when you struggle to stretch the last centavo until the next payday after having spent so much.

So how do you survive this dreaded period? Social media sensation Lloyd Cadena listed these hilarious tips:

1. Ask for some of your friend's food

Sharing is caring. So always be kind to everyone -- or at least to your friends -- and you'll never go on a day with an empty stomach.

2. Make everyday an alms-giving day

Pepper your friends with their favorite remarks and low-key ask them to pay for it, for a very cheap price. A P5 coin per compliment can ease the day! Make sure to collect just enough to survive the remaining days before the next payday.

3. Gipit days means count on Knorr with rice combo days

Knorr lang, sapat na! It’s almost an understatement to say that Filipinos cannot live without rice. And of course, a viand too. But sometimes, when you have to choose between the two, it’s rice over viand. So when on a tight budget always keep in mind, Knorr Liquid Seasoning is at your service.

4. Be a scavenger

In a group, there’s always that one friend who buys too much food even if they always end up not finishing it every meal. Grab that perfect moment to fill your tummy!

5. Save up! Duh...

When things get complicated, and there are not much options left, go for the basic solution! Save yourself from all these hassle and plan on a monthly budget. Start on saving that hard-earned money for the future. A little sacrifice can be good too!

In case another “Petsa de Peligro” comes by, always pack Knorr Liquid Seasoning with you and save the day!

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