6 holiday recipe staples to add to your Christmas feast


Posted at Dec 19 2020 08:03 AM | Updated as of Dec 19 2020 08:23 AM

Food is an integral component of any Filipino celebration. Seeing as Christmas is a time where families gather to celebrate and is that one time people do not feel guilty about eating everything they want, it is only right to serve nothing but the best on Christmas day. 

As December 25 is fast approaching, now is the best time to finalize your Noche Buena and Media Noche menus. 

If you are still looking for delicious recipe inspirations, here are some recipes you may want to prepare for your Christmas celebration.

Recipe 1: Creamy Spaghetti and Classic Spaghetti

Noodles are a staple in both Noche Buena and Media Noche as Filipinos believe that consuming noodles on important occasions can bring long life. 
With this recipe, your family can indulge in every kids' favorite spaghetti. It will only take less than an hour of cooking and food preparation to do and you can choose between the classic Pinoy Spaghetti or Creamy Spaghetti (creamier and meatier, but equally delicious). 

Recipe 2: Pork Adobo and Chicken Adobo

You can also never go wrong with the national dish of the Philippines – Adobo. Whether you choose the pork or chicken variant, no one is going to resist eating more when adobo is served on the table. 

Recipe 3: Pork Humba

Pork is seen as a lucky addition to the holiday celebrations as it signifies progress in the coming year, so it will not be a stretch to see more pork dishes on the table. 
Another option is Pork Humba. Quite similar to the famous Adobo in appearance, Humba leans towards the sweeter side with the use of brown sugar and in some cases pineapple juice in the recipe. This dish is bound to entice your companions to grab seconds because it is always a crowd favorite in any gathering. 

Recipe 4: Pork Sinigang and Shrimp Sinigang

Even though the Philippines do not get snow, December still comes with fairly cold weather. For those staying up late into midnight to welcome Christmas day or New Year, having a soup to serve will greatly whet the appetite and keep their tummies warm. 

Go for Sinigang, either pork or shrimp, as this sour and savory stew always has a place in Filipinos’ hearts.

Recipe 5: Beef Mechado and Pork Menudo

If you want to add beef to the menu, Beef Mechado will be a good choice. This braised beef stew suits the local palate with its base of thick tomato sauce topped with potatoes and carrots.

Pair it with Pork Menudo for a delightfully saucy combination.

Recipe 6: Chicken Curry and Chicken Afritada

Rounding up the Christmas recipe suggestions are two classic Noche Buena recipes – Chicken Curry and Chicken Afritada. 

Put the Filipino flair and gata on this Curry dish for a flavorful and colorful addition to the table. Meanwhile, Chicken Afritada is a classic saucy stew that is quite simple to make but brings flavors of comfort to whoever gets a taste. 

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If you are looking for more recipe ideas for the upcoming Christmas celebration, you can visit Knorr's Christmas Kitchen. Here, Chef Vanjo of Panlasang Pinoy and your favorite Kapamilya moms Jolina, Melai, Sunshine, and Beauty share their simple but special recipes that Filipinos can prepare to liven up the holiday feast. Do not worry – their recipes are extra delicious, but easy to prepare with the help of Knorr's wide range of products (Cubes, Sinigang, and Ginaatang Gulay). 

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