How celebrities make the most out of their travels


Posted at Dec 18 2018 02:55 PM

Celebrities may appreciate the limelight and the perks that go with it. But there are times when they need to take a break and spend quality time with their loved ones. 

It gives them time to appreciate simple things, like sit in a café and observe people, or check out street food and great finds in a shopping district. 

Klook travel buddies, Actor-host Luis Manzano and celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga shared how they find fun and fulfillment while traveling. 

"For us it's a detox," Manzano said about why he wants to recharge away from the cameras, scripts, and fellow stars. 

"I need my quiet time lang, traveling with loved ones, detach from everything that you go through each and everyday," he said.

This is why despite his tight schedule, he keeps it a point to have some personal travel time.

Meanwhile, Gonzaga said she loves to travel with her family, noting how she finds it satisfying to enjoy different cities without thinking about work for a couple of days.

"Ako, it's my reward, kasi when you're in the Philippines, ako, we always work, pati parents ko. So, when we get to travel, parang walang iniisip na stress," she said. 

Manzano and Gonzaga also revealed that they hope to see Africa.

"Gusto ko 'yung Cape Town maganda raw," Gonzaga shared, saying she was told it was the most beautiful city in the world, with its jungles and animals.

Manzano, meanwhile, said he wants to see Cape Town because it's one of the places where one may see a great white shark.

The two also hope for a gastronomic experience during their Korea trip.

Manzano and Gonzaga love two things when traveling -- keeping it low and organized. 

Gonzaga said it is really important to have a prearranged schedule, accommodation, and transportation before the trip to save time and money. 

This is why she enjoys using Klook as it is a one-stop shop for booking tours with local transportation and suggested stops for the best foods.

Meanwhile, Manzano said that he wants his travels to be stress-free so he can relax. He added that he enjoys having "me time" while traveling. 

For new places, he loves to try the extreme activities that a place has to offer. He loves that through Klook, he can book a complete tour and pick unique experiences around the world with just a tap on his phone.


Being the modern travelers that they are, Gonzaga and Manzano both savor the experience for all of their travels.

Gonzaga, known for her 'Instagram-mable' travels and food photos, takes time taking snaps of the tourist spots to treasure the experience.

Manzano, on the other hand, wants to maximize his vacation by going to the most popular spots.

These well-loved hosts also enjoy trying local delicacies with their loved ones. 

"At least, once in your life, if you have the means. At least ma-try mo lang," Manzano said as he recounted the experience of tasting the best food, from the streets to the known restaurants, in different countries. 

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