Unique dessert recipes to try this Christmas

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Posted at Dec 17 2021 06:00 PM

Photo source: Lemon Square®
Photo source: Lemon Square®

One aspect kids look out for at Christmas dinner, apart from opening presents, is dessert. After a satisfying  Noche Buena, no matter how filling the main course is, there is always room for some sweet treats and good conversations afterward. 

This year, why not make your desserts the star with new and upgraded Christmas desserts using one ingredient. Surprise your loved ones at dinner by trying unconventional, easy, yet delicious dessert recipes using Lemon Square® products.

Lemon Square® products are not just a merienda or baon snacks Filipino kids grew up with, they are quite versatile and can be used as the main ingredient or the base of your holiday creations. All you will need are the cakes of your choice and some ingredients lying around at home to transform an old favorite into a unique Christmas treat.

To try a different dessert experience, check out these recipes. 

Lemon Square Cheese Cake® Mango Layer Cake

Create a fluffy, soft, and moist Mango Layer cake using Lemon Square Cheese Cake®. With only four ingredients you can whip up a sweet and satisfying dessert in a few minutes.

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Using Lemon Square Cheese Cake® cut in cross-section and crescent shapes, fill a round pan, and layer with an all-purpose cream and condensed milk mixture. Add mango cubes on top then layer again with the cake and cream mixture. Place layers alternatively and top with sliced mangoes. 

Refrigerate and serve chilled for a sweet fruity experience.

Lemon Square® Lava Cake Black Forest

Another recipe to try is the Lemon Square® Lava Cake Black Forest. You will only need five ingredients to create this yummy upgrade to your Lemon Square® Lava Cake.

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Using Lemon Square® Lava Cake, fill a pan with the cake layer. Top the layer with an all-purpose cream and condensed milk mixture. Then, layer the cake and cream mixture alternatively. Place cherries on top and finish it off with chocolate shavings. Refrigerate and serve after 24 hours so that the layers have enough time to settle perfectly.

These are just some examples of how you can easily whip up quick, but tasty desserts during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

No need to use an oven to bake cakes or make desserts that take up a lot of time, energy, and resources; you can now create sweet treats using Lemon Square® products that can be done with only a few ingredients on hand. You can also use this time to bond with your kids as you make sweet desserts and unforgettable memories with the whole family.

Other recipes to try are available at Lemon Square's website. Try creating Peanut Butter Fried Lemon Square® Choo Choo for a crispy and nutty treat, or a Lemon Square Cheese Cake® Refrigerator Cake that pairs well with hot coffee or tea during the cool weather.

Kids will also enjoy the Lemon Square® Lava Cake Choco Cake Pops, while teenagers and adults can relish the No-Bake Blueberry Lemon Square Cheese Cake's® sweet and tangy combination.

With Lemon Square® products as the main ingredient, you can upgrade your holiday desserts at ease.

For more dessert recipes, visit the Lemon Square® recipe page.

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