This smartphone brand sees continuous growth throughout 2020


Posted at Dec 17 2020 04:43 PM

vivo remains to be one of the preferred smartphones of choice after reporting a steady quarterly growth throughout the year. It ranked as the number one handset in the Philippines from April to June 2020.

The global smartphone market saw a sharp decline in shipments in 2020 due to the current health situation. Even with the 14% decline in the volume of handset shipments during the first half of the year, as seen in analyst firm Canalys' Q2 2020 report, vivo remained aggressive on digital innovations to emerge with consistent sales growth throughout the year. 

vivo is one of the only two smartphone brands that showed growth in Q1. To top it off, it became the number one handset brand in the Philippines in Q2 after recording the biggest market share according to a Canalys report. The strong showing continued in Q3 with 66.7% year-on-year growth. 

7% more shipments even as borders closed

vivo is one of the only two leading smartphone brands that survived the drop in shipments. Globally, 24.8 million vivo units were shipped from January to March 2020 according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. 

vivo started 2020 posting the biggest year-on-year growth among handset manufacturers at 7%. It even beat a big tech company to become the second-biggest handset brand in India

The leading local smartphone brand

During the second quarter, vivo became the number one smartphone vendor in the Philippines. A huge feat for a young smartphone brand which recorded a 21% market share according to Canalys. 

After a show of 159% brand growth by end of 2019, vivo remained aggressive even when borders were closed by successfully launching its mid-range devices, the V19 and V19 Neo. Leaning on digital innovation, the brand posted a huge 18% year-on-year growth even when there is a strict nationwide mandate to stay home from April to June 2020. 

vivo Y11 is the best-selling smartphone 

The growth continued in the third quarter when vivo posted a 14.3% market share according to the IDC. This ranks the brand as the second-best performing handset brand in the Philippines. Its market share is even bigger in the Canalys report which is recorded at 21%. 

BBK Electronics, the same conglomerate that also owns realme, OPPO, and OnePlus, had the vivo Y11 as its bestselling smartphone. Even with its launch a year ago, the same unit has been a consistent top-notcher. 

For the third successive quarter in a very challenging year, vivo recorded a positive quarterly growth of 2.6%. In the same period, vivo also registered an annual report of 66.7 which further sealed its position as a top-performing handset brand. 

The brand closes the year on high notes and works toward continued growth and innovation in the coming year. 

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