Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life


Posted at Dec 17 2019 05:29 PM

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 1

Housework is no walk in the park. Anyone who says otherwise has not done household chores.

The undeniable truth is: kitchen duties, room cleaning, interior organizing, and pest control are harder than they seem. Homemakers with these back-to-back duties often find themselves scanning the internet for cheat sheets, or shortcuts they can use to accomplish what needs to be done.

When it comes to doing laundry, the mechanics get trickier. Clothes speak a lot about a person; simply put, dirty and smelly clothes are guaranteed to attract criticism than praise.

Here are some life-changing laundry hacks that prove utmost effectivity in saving time, money, and effort, while producing favorable results.

For color retention

One of the most agonizing outcomes after washing clothes is dye bleeding. It does not only ruin your favorite clothes, but also wastes money.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 2

A culinary favorite — salt — does more than just enhance food flavor. Half of its chemical composition, chloride, safeguards color vibrancy to prevent uneventful fading during washing.

For achromatic color (black and white) vibrance

White uniforms and jet-black slacks are a staple for any formal, educational, and corporate attire. The catch? These achromatic clothes are at risk when you wash them, it will either come out clean and gleam, or damaged and faded.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 3

Your home remedy… vinegar and baking soda. These accessible kitchen supplies have potent consistencies that make brightness and brilliance in white fabric last longer between washes.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 4

On the other hand, black tops, bottoms, and socks are in the good care of coffee. That's right, brewed coffee, when added to dark apparel during washing, can revive the clothes' original color and even increase the shade of black in it.

For stain removal

Stains are a nightmare for anyone. Aside from drawing unnecessary attention, it also affects anyone's self-confidence when in public. Removing these little annoyances require extra effort if you don't know the right way to do it.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 5

For ink stains, the go-to solution for faster removal is hair spray. When unavailable, hand sanitizer never disappoints as well.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 6

Grease stains and makeup marks don't stand a chance against chalk or the all-around baby powder. By allowing clothes to soak in chalk or baby powder overnight before washing, oil gets completely absorbed.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 7

Lemon extract snags a steady place in the brief list of sweat stain solutions. Just rub a slice or two directly onto the damaged part, and soak overnight, it will remove that irritating stain.

For organization

Doing the laundry means keeping the content you load in check – including socks, kitchen towels, hand towels, and handkerchiefs.

Top 5 'labada' hacks that will change your life 8

When washing small items like socks, handkerchiefs, and other essentials, using mesh bags to organize and keep them together always come in handy.

For softness, fragrance, freshness

Because some days can be very hot, keeping a fresh scent in your clothes seems like a questionable thought. Good thing Surf's fabric conditioner is readily available to fight off the hot weather.

Surf Fabcon offers homemakers a competent solution to beat the heat with its sunbloom technology-infused formula.

A superior fabric conditioner in the market, Surf Fabcon's newly applied sunbloom technology is what's behind its proficiency in maintaining clothes fresh and fragrant, aside from unfailingly softening tough fabrics. No matter how severely the sun hits clothes, Surf Fabcon can preserve coolness from the outside to within.

Housework can be a difficult job. It is a rigorous activity that eats up time, money, and effort. But with life hacks such as these, it can turn into an exciting, and maybe even fulfilling experience.

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