'Diskarte' tips for an affordable Noche Buena

MAGGI Magic Sarap

Posted at Dec 07 2018 12:11 PM

Eating is a year-round favorite Filipino pastime. 

This is why people pull out all the stops for big occasions, just like during Noche Buena, the Christmas eve dinner. 

A problem, though, would be how to prepare a hearty meal for family and friends without breaking the bank. 

With managing expenses as one of their priorities, 'madiskarte' homemakers would pull off 'tipid' moves to stretch their budget for the once-a-year feast. 

Here are some money-saving tips to help those planning a delightful Noche Buena:

1. Prepare 'crispychon' instead of lechon

Noche Buena has become synonymous with lechon but buying a skewered roasted pig costs between P5,000 and P12,000. It is best to opt for affordable alternatives that can gives the same crispy deliciousness.

Families can choose to prepare a budget-friendly 'crispychon.' Preparing this dish out of a whole boneless pork belly could serve up to 12 people and would only cost an estimated P611. This dish is best partnered with sauteed vegetables and rice.

2. Make the meaty Pinoy spaghetti more affordable

Pasta dishes are staples in every occasion, but Filipinos love their spaghetti, and prefer it to be on the sweet side. 

This Christmas, homemakers can create the Filipino-style spaghetti at a modest expense. Adding the more affordable corned beef instead of ground meat can still give this dish a meaty taste, yet still have that sweet flavor that kids love. Making this dish may cost approximately P353 for 10-12 servings.

3. Cook chicken embutido instead of barbecue

Preparing a dish for Noche Buena should not take away from time that could otherwise be used for family bonding. 

One easy-to-prepare dish for the feast is chicken embutido. The convenience of cooking this doesn't come at the expense of its taste. Its sweet and salty savor, coupled with mushroom cream sauce, would surely entice kids to eat more of it. Adding more vegetables like carrots would extend this dish and serve more people. Preparing this dish could cost P255 for six servings.

Whatever the celebration is, make every dish tasteful and every family moment memorable with MAGGI Magic Sarap. 

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