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Posted at Dec 05 2022 04:25 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Everyone is trying to save on fuel costs. As market prices are soaring, people are trying to look for ways to save up on fuel.

However, your driving habits may not be the only solution to help save up on fuel. Here is one solution that you might not have considered or known before on how you can save fuel.

Restore your vehicle's full power 

Keep your vehicle always at its peak. Get that engine checked and cleaned. Maintain your vehicle to its top condition because a poorly maintained vehicle will use more fuel. 

What to check in your vehicle:
● Do a regular tire check and drive on properly inflated tires.
● Check the lights. Broken or burned-out car lights can be hazardous for the driver and other vehicles on the road.
● Engine air filters need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the engine's efficiency.
● Brake pads require regular inspection. Always pay attention to sounds or vibrating motion from brake pads.
● Belts and hoses should be checked during every oil change. If one of these breaks, it may cause your car's systems to fail.
● Check the fluids: engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid must be kept at the right levels to help keep your car running.

Make sure that you power up your car with a formulation that frees your car's engine from performance-robbing deposits while helping it to perform like new. 

Caltex Power Diesel™ with Techron® D Euro 5 formulation produces more power than a diesel containing no additive using a Euro 5 engine. It may also help restore lost engine performance after years of use while improving the overall efficiency of your diesel engine.

Keep your vehicle at its peak with the new Caltex Power Diesel™ Techron®D Euro 5. Photo source: Caltex
Keep your vehicle at its peak with the new Caltex Power Diesel™ Techron®D Euro 5. Photo source: Caltex

How it works?

Vehicles with diesel engines have fuel injector nozzles that could be as narrow as the width of two human hairs, however, these fuel injectors are usually located inside the combustion chamber – which means they are exposed to extreme heat, and it is more vulnerable to deposit formation than in a gasoline engine. Deposits from fuel and dirt hinder the fuel and air mixing process, causing inefficient combustion and a weaker engine.

Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) is a high-performing diesel formula with two times the cleaning power of Techron D*. It contains ultra-low sulfur content of <10ppm resulting in clean emissions that are good for the environment and engine system. Since the vehicle is kept clean with zero rust the engine may perform as good as new.

It is also compatible to be used for old engines because it has the ability to restore lost power while eliminating performance-robbing deposits.

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape not only lengthens the life of the vehicle, but also saves you on fuel costs which will help benefit a car owner in the long-run. Remember that a clean engine is a powerful engine.

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