Rethink your finances and prepare for the future


Posted at Dec 05 2022 11:19 AM

People dream of having a comfortable and stable life. Nowadays, more people, especially the younger generation are planning on retiring early, living a comfortable life with family, and having financial freedom. 

Here are a few tips on how to start preparing for the future now:

Have a futuristic mindset

The steps you take today will determine your tomorrow, so decide to live for your future today with HSBC. Photo source: HSBC
The steps you take today will determine your tomorrow, so decide to live for your future today with HSBC. Photo source: HSBC

Knowing how to spend your money may benefit you a lot in the future. So, whenever you spend, make sure to always consider your budget, remember your credit card cycle, and make sure that what you are spending on will be valuable to you in the future.

For example, spending on delicious and healthy meals will benefit your future health, while skimping on your food allowance and eating food that is unhealthy may not be the best decision to make.

Always refocus

The key to a secured future is to never stop saving and always focus on your future. Having a strong will is an important part of preparing for your future, so learn to repeatedly refocus. 

Whenever you are tempted to quit saving, just think of the benefit it will bring you and your family in the future.

Enjoy while saving

Photo source: HSBC
Photo source: HSBC

Treating your family out for a good meal to celebrate milestones, as well as taking that well-deserved vacation once a year, or signing up for that class that you have been wanting to attend to, but it is best to keep in mind that you need to have a spending routine – set a specific time where and when you can spend, it can be on your parent's or your birthday, and save up for the rest of the year, or maybe once a month. You can also set a spending limit, so that you can enjoy life while still saving.

Choose a finance buddy

Having someone to guide you in your financial journey will help increase the probability of your life's success, so choose a finance buddy that will help you keep accountable in your spending habits and savings.

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