Here is why you need a home in SYNC with your lifestyle

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Posted at Dec 05 2022 03:35 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

More than just a space to stay and sleep in, your home is where you can thrive and turn your dreams into reality. That is why choosing a place that has everything to help support your aspirations is essential to living an amazing life.

The following are a few ways to sync your home and your lifestyle, and why it is important to have them both coincide.

A location in SYNC with your priorities

To live a life that is at ease, it is ideal to find a home that is close to important places. If you are a young professional, this could mean living near key central business districts (CBDs) like Ortigas, BGC, and Makati, and other key destinations like shopping centers and hospitals. Choosing the right location will not only save you the stress of a long commute, but also give you more time and energy for the things and people that matter most to you.

With SYNC by RLC Residences, you will be living in a strategic location along C5 Road in Pasig City. You may enjoy access to major roads and reach your workplace, popular hang-out spots, and other essential establishments. 

On top of this, the project will be home to multiple retail spaces, including a supermarket plus restaurants and shops. 

Photo source: RLC Residences website
Photo source: RLC Residences

A space in SYNC with your needs

An amazing home should also allow you to relax, unwind, and be your best self. This is why it is essential to choose a beautiful, functional, and spacious residence. 

SYNC has a wide range of living spaces that are designed to cater to dynamic lifestyles. Its newly-launched building, the N Tower, offers studio, one-, and two-bedroom units with balcony options. With this selection, you can choose the size that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Also within the property are multiple facilities that will let you enjoy urban life. Around 27 amenities are found at SYNC, including a fully-equipped fitness center, an outdoor children's playground, leisure pools, a game room, and a function room, to name a few. There is also a Sky Bridge that connects the four towers and a Sky Deck that provides panoramic views of the city. 

Photo source: RLC Residences website
Photo source: RLC Residences

Upgrades in SYNC with the future

To make your living space more amazing, it should have room for your future - which means its design and structure should be timeless. It must also have home features for added safety and convenience. If you have a hobby or a business that you want to expand, a wide welcoming space is also needed to hone your ideas and creativity. 

Home to future-ready units, living spaces at SYNC-N Tower feature smart home devices for a secure and convenient life. Main doors are equipped with a smart lock, while all homes have an audio/video intercom that allows advance screening of visitors or deliveries. The whole property will also be built with fiber optic technology for seamless connectivity.

The units are also designed with work-from-home provisions, so you can have more space for work and to do the things you love.

Photo source: RLC Residences website
Photo source: RLC Residences

With all these to offer, SYNC provides a city home that combines everything you need to live an equally amazing life.

To know more about SYNC and other condo developments by RLC Residences, connect with a Property Specialist or visit their website.

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