This website lets you earn by writing fiction online


Posted at Dec 05 2018 06:14 PM

Many people started writing online for leisure, but for these authors, love for writing has become a source of income and immense exposure.

It was earlier this year when Mae Angelique Rivera, whose online pseudonym is "anjeeriku," started to write online fictional stories on the website Webnovel.

She has written five novels under different genres of the site. One of her remarkable works is "PS I'm (not) Over You" which has amassed 4 million reads. 

Meanwhile, another Filipino writer, who goes by the online pseudonym "lynerparel" started to write fictional stories on Webnovel last year.

He currently has six original works under his pen name, one of which has reached 2 million reads on the site.

For them, what was once a hobby has become a source of income.

The attention that their works received has paved the way for them to sign a deal with Webnovel which ensures them of continuous source of revenue. 

Contracted authors are able to partake in the income earned from website subscriptions, direct sales from other platforms, and other monetization streams of their copyrighted works.

Aside from royalty payment, signed writers are also provided with professional literary training and advice, courtesy of Webnovel's editorial team.

The incentives and training systems of the site guarantee growth for writers in terms of compensation and expertise.

In the Philippines, there are nearly thousands of local authors are creating their stories on Webnovel. 

The country is also among the top readers of Webnovel in Southeast Asia, accounting for 30 percent of the site's total readers.

The support of Filipinos to Webnovel stories and writers was demonstrated when it held its first-ever fan meeting in Manila.

Rivera and 'lynerparel' were able to interact with their fans and to share tips for aspiring writers as well.

Here are some photos from Webnovel's first-ever Manila fan meeting:

With the growing fanbase of Webnovel in the Philippines, the site will cater to Tagalog stories for their avid Filipino readers in future. Webnovel will also conduct more on-site activities on top of their online events.

"This is the top one active country in all the Southeast Asian countries for Webnovel, so that's why we want to do more for Filipino readers," said Sandra Chen, general manager for Webnovel.

The fictional stories hub currently houses thousands of stories under different genres which are updated by more than 5,000 original authors. 

It also has hundreds of translated novels which are quality-checked for accuracy by trained translators.

Since 2017, Webnovel has become one of the most downloaded e-book reader applications on Google Playstore. 

Meanwhile, the total number of unique visitors has exceeded 20 million. 

Know more about Webnovel by visiting their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Readers can also download their mobile application on Google Playstore and iOS.

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