Creamy Christmas recipes with less than 5 ingredients

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Posted at Dec 05 2018 02:11 PM | Updated as of Dec 05 2018 02:13 PM

The holiday celebrations, while fun and heartwarming, also need a lot of preparations. We go all out from decorating our homes, finding the right gifts and most especially, prepare for the Noche Buena. 

Problem is we barely have the time. Any time we can therefore save preparing for the festivities would be a blessing. 

Here are some easy but delightful recipes with five ingredients or less to help shave time off cooking, and make more time for the things that really matter:


2 packs NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 250mL
½ cup condensed milk
1 pack (90g) store-bought cream-filled chocolate cookies, filling removed, coarsely crushed, divided
14 pieces graham crackers

1. Combine NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and condensed milk. Mix well. 
2. Spread ¼ cup of the cream mixture into the bottom of a square glass or aluminum container. Arrange graham crackers on top of the cream.
3. Spread about ½ cup more of cream mixture and crushed choco cookies on top of graham crackers as filling. 
4. Sandwich the filling with another layer of graham crackers and finish it off with the remaining cream mixture. Top with the remaining crushed chocolate cookies. Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.


1 pack NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 250mL
½ cup condensed milk
24 pieces Graham Crackers
2 cups sliced mangoes

1. Combine NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and condensed milk. Put 2 tbsp. of the mixture on the glass dish.
2. Arrange 12 pieces of Graham Crackers in the glass dish. Then top with the cream mixture. Cover first layer with mango.
3. Repeat procedure to form 2 layers. Keep in the refrigerator for 4 hours or until the graham is moist with cream.
4. Slice into serving portions before servings.


2-4 cups left-over fruit salad
½ cup NESTLÉ Fresh Milk
½ cup NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 
1-2 cups crushed ice

1. Combine fruit salad, NESTLÉ Fresh, and NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream in a blender jar.
2. Process for 15 seconds or until fruits are crushed. Add ice and process again for another 15 seconds.
3. Transfer to a mason jar and serve.

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