How a lunch at a hotel opened the door to showbiz for Enchong Dee

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Posted at Dec 04 2017 03:34 PM

MANILA - In 2006, a young chinito from Camarines Sur was invited by a magazine columnist to lunch at a luxury hotel. Little did he know that this would pave his way to showbiz stardom.

Over a decade later, Enchong Dee has become one of the more popular actors of ABS-CBN, having starred in top-rating teleseryes like "Katorse," "Maria La Del Barrio," and "Ina, Kapatid, Anak."

According to Enchong, the columnist approached him after his stint at the Southeast Asian Games as part of the Philippine swimming team. He was asked to be the model of a certain brand of jeans, receiving nothing but a sumptuous meal at the hotel as his talent fee.

At that time, the idea of entering showbiz was not yet appealing for Enchong, who originally dreamed of becoming a businessman, a teacher, and a pilot.

But as soon as the magazine came out, fate began paving its way. 


Growing up in Naga City, Enchong said his childhood was quite simple -- he eats three times a day, goes to school, and spends most of his free time honing his swimming skills. He grew up far from extravagance, excess, and luxury. But he had everything he needed. 

Enchong recalled that when he went out with friends, his parents would usually give him P100, which was at that time more than enough to watch a movie and eat at a fast-food restaurant.

Celebrities, he said, didn't appeal to him much at the time. Even when the ABS-CBN show "Magandang Tanghali Bayan" (MTB) went to Naga City for a live telecast, Enchong decided to stay at home and hit the pool.

He had no idea that one day, people would also watch him on TV, screaming and cheering every time he walks past them.


Just like all newcomers, Enchong admits to experiencing culture shock when he entered showbiz. The bright lights and sleepless nights were all new experiences for the young probinsyano.

He credits his training as a student-athlete for helping him conquer the hectic showbiz life. According to him, sports has prepared him to face challenges head on. 

Despite his various commitments, Enchong still continued swimming and attending classes at De La Salle University-Manila where he got his degree in Developmental Studies in 2009.

But he refuses to believe that he is a superman. He also gets tired, sleepy, and sometimes even jaded. Good thing, he said, he has people around him who would willingly help him with every task. 


Now on his 11th year in showbiz, Enchong remains one of the most popular actors of his generation. He also started investing in the food business by opening restaurants.

In spite of these accomplishments, the young heartthrob never forgot to keep his feet on the ground. Whenever the pressure rises, he tries to shut down and take a rest. But above all, he never abuses his body. He makes sure he eats the right food, take his daily vitamins, and stay hydrated all the time. These, he said, are the keys to combating every challenge that comes his way. 

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