Take advantage of #adulting101


Posted at Dec 03 2019 03:40 PM

Take advantage of #adulting101 1

Time is passing fast—the Gen Z and young millennials are now close to transitioning to adults. Sooner or later, most of them will have to stand and live on their own—whether they like it or not, they must also be prepared to face life as full-grown individuals. 

While many of them have already been looking forward to working and earning money, some admit that they are still lost and in need of guidance. 

Fret not! Here are some life hacks every Gen Z and millennial can utilize for #adulting101:

1.    Invest on a hobby

For those who will be exposed to a tedious work environment, having a hobby can help them divert their exhausted and stressed minds to something else. 

Since hobbies cater to a wide array of activities—from leaning to bake croissants to advancing in swimming lessons—they can choose to indulge in something they deem most interesting or fulfilling to do. 

Not only can hobbies sway one's attention from work, but they can also be used as another source of income when done effectively (e.g., selling customized accessories, joining dancing or sport competitions, etc.). 

2.    Drink lemon water

Exercising helps anyone become fit and healthy, but not everyone likes to do it. One alternative to this is having a balanced diet by eating healthy food. 

They can revamp the typical water by adding lemon, cucumber, or other fruits. This can help young adults get more vitamins, stay hydrated, and have clearer skin. 

3.    Set dates with your loved ones

Adulting or working life demands a lot time, thus, family and friendly dates are mostly sacrificed. This is why Gen Z and young millennials must set dates with the important people in their lives while they still have plenty of time to do so. 

Quality moments can be spent even in simplest and cost-free activities such as having heart-to-heart talks, making a midnight snack from leftovers while watching chick flicks, or strolling in a park during sunset. 

4.    Open a personal savings account

Hard-earned salary should not only be spent, but it must also be saved for future needs. Thus, it is important for young professionals to open a savings account that is different from their payroll account so they can start keeping money as early as possible. 

This act is ideal for prospective individuals and even for those who are having problems with budgeting because they spend more than usual. 

5.    Apply for a Metrobank Vantage credit card

Turning vantage into real advantage as teens transition to adults is now possible by owning a credit card. 

Metrobank, one of the leading financial services in the country, is providing everyone with increased spending power and worldwide purchasing convenience. 

Through the Metrobank Vantage Mastercard and Metrobank Vantage Visa, young adults can accumulate all the perks, pleasures, and privileges of the metro and turn rewards points into air miles, shopping or dining gift certificates, and so much more!

Take advantage of #adulting101 2

These contactless credit cards enable secure and faster paperless payments anywhere with just a simple tap. Young adults can also get discounts, free gifts and great deals from M Here partner establishments.

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