Help your child recognize their Amazing Possibles


Posted at Nov 29 2019 12:08 PM

Help your child recognize their Amazing Possibles 1

Much like a blank canvas, a growing child is a body of limitless directions, with potential to explore beginnings and foster talents. This crucial journey is dependent on the environment a child grows up in, the people that surrounds them, and the support system they have.

As committed parents, it could get daunting to think that certain choices may lead to restricting a child's growth, and hindering their 'every possible.'

What are 'possibles'? If possibilities are the physical and intellectual capabilities and skills a child has including chances, condition-bound things, and uncertainties; going beyond

that is every 'possible,' where certainties are met, results are confidence-bound, and potentials are unlimited.

While some actions would create contradicting conclusions, here are surefire choices to safeguard your child's 'every possible. '

Passion over comfort

While both can be simultaneously attained, upon initial deliberation, the latter will follow once passion is pursued.

Even if practical senses refute this principle, let your child seek and fulfill their passions earlier on. This is done by letting them go through as many different experiences as possible, for them to discover what moves them and what incites their ambition.

While there is no assurance about comfort and stability, something about passion draws unfazed positivity and genuine joy—and as always, happy children make happy parents.

Encouragement over praise

There is good in praises—but when constantly done, it could trigger the child to seek for external gratification every time because once they feel that this lacking, it could easily discourage them.

On the other hand, consistent encouragement motivates a child to deliver more. Through realized progress and understood improvements, they will feel that they were able to accomplish something after exerting effort.

Honesty over perfection

Choose honesty over perfection. Perfection itself is a flawed concept. Nurturing your child's 'every possible' does not only mean caring about their wins, but it is also about being truthful to them.

You need to morally support your children by making them comprehend the need to carry the weight of faults along the steep road to success, toughening them up for the future.

Honesty also means being open to the fact that even as parents, making mistakes is inevitable, and it is equally important to admit each one. Humbly owning up to mistakes shows children that learning does not stop even in elderly ages.

Quality above all

Lifelong health is an investment and caring for it is something that must be prioritized. Never gamble your child's well-being and settle for anything less. Putting health at stake results to putting performance at risk as well.

What's more, insufficient health conditions would mean more expenses in the long run.

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