How to be a legend off your mobile, and level up in life


Posted at Nov 29 2018 12:27 PM

As level-up points keep racking up, and a player's avatar gets more awesome moves and equipment, the reasons to put down the phone keep shrinking until they rank behind getting the next upgrade, and basic functions such as eating, breathing, and going to the bathroom. 

However, once the game ends, the quests run out, or players finally get as powerful as they can, they find themselves where they began: in the real world. This is where strategy skills can cross over from digital into life. It helps to manage resources in both realms, because why be king only in one?

Here are a few tips on how to reign supreme both online and off:

1. Set gameplay sessions throughout the day

How to be a legend off your mobile, and level up in life 1

It doesn't help to be online the whole day. The mind is very much like the fallow land in virtual and real-life farms; it needs time to again be fertile and ready for new seeds. A tired mind can lead to poor decisions in any situation from digital warfare to relationships and the workplace. It can be better in the long run to take some time to recharge, and schedule sessions for play throughout the day.

2. Read, watch TV, or listen to the radio

How to be a legend off your mobile, and level up in life 2

Being focused on only one screen can severely limit a person's world. A person aware of only one thing can be boring to talk to, and they are likely also going to be limited in what they can do or talk about. That can affect not only strategic thinking when it comes to gameplay, but also interpersonal relationships. After all, the best generals learn their moves from a variety of sources, and the best conversations involve common ground on more than one topic.

3. Find a hobby

How to be a legend off your mobile, and level up in life 3

It can be more interesting and exciting to have a variety of pursuits. A hobby can, after all, not only help a person recharge after a long day of work or study, it can also help build focus. A hobby involving a friend or two, or more, can also help build social ties, increasing overall happiness.

4. Find time to talk to family and friends

How to be a legend off your mobile, and level up in life 4

Building a social circle is not just to improve one's mobile arena posse; it can also help build a support group for things other than playing, or lay the foundations for a deeper connection that can last for life, whether romantic or platonic. Humans are social animals, and are usually happiest when they experience love, friendship, and real interactions with people. 

5. Perfect your personal care routine

Focusing on a virtual world, it can be easy to forget that in order to be able to successfully talk to other people, a person needs to be groomed. It would not be easy to talk to someone who has not brushed his teeth or washed his face for days. This is easiest with a no-fuss routine that can easily leave one looking and feeling fresh. After all, it can be easier to face life if one is confident in how he looks.

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