Celebrating compliments the Oreo way


Posted at Nov 27 2019 12:08 PM | Updated as of Nov 28 2019 03:32 PM

Celebrating compliments the Oreo way 1

There are only few people who are graceful enough to accept compliments either because they do not believe they deserve the recognition or the pressure on how to respond properly creeps in. While others cringe in discomfort and embarrassment, one sweet cookie product draws attention for its sweet response.

Blushing red, the sandwich cookie-filled favorite, Oreo, brings the 'hip' red velvet flavor into its latest campaign. 

After favorable outcomes with the launch Oreo Minis, Oreo Thins, Oreo Chocolate Coated, and Oreo Wafer Roll, Oreo continues to expand its offerings in the Philippines by presenting more ways to enjoy the phenomenal "twist or dunk" cookie.

Celebrating compliments the Oreo way 2

Oreo Red Velvet is an innovative approach to thank its loyal consumers for the heartwarming compliments the brand has been receiving throughout the years. 

Bold and ambitious, the blushing cookie signifies the effect of each compliment – and it serves as an effective motivator for the brand to do better and taste even better over time.

One part of the campaign involved the Oreo Red Velvet Compliment Machine, the world's first compliment-powered device, running on all the lovely things said by Oreo lovers.

Activated in Robinsons Galleria, Glorietta Activity Grounds, and UP Town Center, the machine gave its spectators a chance to receive a special treat if they could make the Oreo cookie on the machine blush, and turn it into the Oreo Red Velvet. Participants had a blast taking turns in flattering the sweet cookie with sweet words.

Celebrating compliments the Oreo way 3

Another celebratory offering under the campaign is the Oreo Red Velvet Compliment Music Box—Oreo's fun initiative to make snacking and gifting more playful. Containing 1 Oreo Music Box, 1 red velvet multipack, 3 red Velvet Slugs, and 1 sticker pack—this tool is one for the sweet tooth club and the sweet-thinking individuals.

Why? Because this interactive music box also enables the buyer to play music with an Oreo cookie, as well as record compliments and messages for other people. Sharing nice things has never been this creative and tasty. Get the Oreo Red Velvet Compliment Music Box for P998.

The limited edition Oreo Red Velvet flavor can be purchased in multipacks or slugs, with standard retail prices of P76.50, and P41.50 respectively.

So, 'Oreo' ready to blush?

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