McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru


Posted at Nov 23 2020 11:06 AM

Mobility was given an all-new meaning and significance during 2020 as people find different ways to safely get to their destination. Whether you are on a skateboard, scooter, bike, motorcycle, or a car, this year has made people more resourceful in how they travel around the metro.

Understanding that while everyone's ride may be different, that does not make their cravings any less important, thus one of the leading fast-food chains in the country is reiterating its commitment to inclusivity. McDonald's has been a brand that aims to make feel-good moments attainable for every Filipino and has worked to deliver the same despite difficult circumstances.

Apart from mobility, there has been a noticeable increase in in-home dining, that is why restaurant drive-thrus and take-outs or pick-ups have been given heightened attention than ever before. McDonald's is making it easier for all types of motorists to order their favorite meals via its Drive-Thru, now called, ''McDonald's Ride-Thru.'' 

For a long time, people may have thought that McDonald's Drive-Thru is only exclusively for cars. But in fact, they are open to all forms of rides and not just four-wheel vehicles. From ''Drive-Thru" to ''Ride-Thru,'' it may appear like a simple change, but for the brand, it is sending out a message that everyone is welcome to ride thru at McDonald’s and place an order. 

Watch how the brand welcomes all sorts of rides in this video.

McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru 1

To further stand by this commitment of inclusivity and accessibility, McDonald's implemented several changes in the stores. 

The first is by celebrating July 24th's National Drive-Thru Day as National RIDE-THRU Day and treating all those who will ride thru with a free Apple Pie. They have been improving both operations and infrastructures to ensure that every rider will feel welcomed. They have also placed dedicated bike parking slots in select branches. Not to mention, Ride-Thru-exclusive deals for people who access the McDonald's App.

As another welcome treat, riders will be glad to know that all McDonald's Ride-Thru customers, no matter what their ride is, can enjoy extra free Medium Fries for every a la carte order of the same product on all Saturdays of November from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

To know more about this month-long ''Lucky Ride'' promotion, visit this link.

McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru 2

At a time when accessibility, mobility, and inclusivity are vital, McDonald's encourages everyone to spread the word that all rides are welcome in their Ride-Thru and to share their own feel-good stories. 

People can share their #McDoRideThruStories online by tagging McDonald's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts

McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru 3

People have already shared their stories, proving that the brand really does not discriminate with whatever means you use to transport yourself. As they say, ''If there is a wheel, there is a way,'' so feel free to post your own McDonald's Ride-Thru stories and photos. 

McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru 4

With the current situation, while staying safe is on everyone's agenda, that does not mean prohibiting oneself from enjoying life and great food. Restaurants are becoming more and more welcoming in catering to the needs of its consumers, and like McDonald's, they are becoming more open-minded to the resourcefulness of Filipinos. And sometimes, the situation does not call for groundbreaking innovation; all it takes is a little bit of empathy and inclusivity towards other people.

No matter what form of ride you may take, you will always have a place to get your McDonald's cravings answered. 

To learn more about this and more from McDonald's, visit its website or YouTube channel. #McDoRideThru

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