Here's a new way to enjoy chicken from Chowking


Posted at Nov 23 2020 11:30 AM

The new normal has certainly changed many of the ways people live. One such prominent change is how people's lives now revolve around the home. And as many of the population still choose to remain indoors, people are constantly craving for something new to break the monotony of home life.

Local Chinese-cuisine food chain Chowking saw this dilemma and decided to come up with a new product — introducing Chowking's newest Chick 'n Sauce that offer a new way for people to enjoy eating chicken.

Here's a new way to enjoy chicken from Chowking 1

This dish is made from 100% real chicken chunks for that juicy and tender flavor. The chicken chunks are deep-fried to attain a golden-brown color and to provide a delicious crunch in every bite. What makes it even more exciting is that it comes with two sauces: Sweet & Sour and Asian Spicy.

The Sweet & Sour sauce is for those wanting to add a blend of sweet and sour flavors to their chicken meal, while Asian Spicy brings in a sweet yet hot and spicy kick. With these sauces in the bunch, you are free to experiment with whatever flavors you want with your chicken. 

If you want to try this new product, Chick 'n Sauce is now available in all Chowking stores and online delivery platforms. You can choose between a Rice Meal variant for P95.00, a Lauriat set with Chicharap, Pancit Canton, Siomai, and Buchi for P170, or Group Platters for P285.

Here's a new way to enjoy chicken from Chowking 2

Staying at home is keeping people safe, but that does not mean that you can no longer enjoy life. Be on the lookout for new and exciting things that brands are consistently trying to come up with, much like Chowking's Chick 'n Sauce.

Experience new chicken flavors with every dip and bite of this product, available in different meal combinations and whenever your cravings strike.

Curious about Chowking's newest Chick 'n Sauce? Visit this link to order at home or this link to see an updated list of Chowking's stores. Check out its official Facebook page for more details. #ChickNSauce

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